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Is Your Frame of Reference Leading You Back to Addiction?

Do you find it hard to imagine life without drugs? This is because your current ‘frame of reference’ supports substance abuse. One of the key tasks we face in early recovery is to change our way of filtering reality to one that promotes drug-free living.

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Neurosis, Addiction, and Self-Compassion

Drug abuse can be considered a form of neurotic behavior if we are doing it to escape mental, physical, or spiritual discomfort. The way to prevent ourselves from developing neurosis is by becoming better at facing legitimate pain, and we can do this through self-compassion.

Honesty Stones Sand

Honesty in Recovery

Recovering addicts tend to take honesty to an extreme level. This blog post explores the ‘why’ behind that behaviour, the connection between dishonesty, denial and relapse and takes a look at the benefits of being honest – not only to others but first and foremost to yourself.

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Verslavingskliniek in Thailand

Het beste wat ik ooit voor mijzelf gedaan heb is dat ik gestopt ben met het gebruiken van drank en drugs. Ik was een puber toen ik begon met het drinken van alcohol en het roken van sigaretten, en vrij snel erna volgde het roken van wiet.

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Interoceptive Awareness to Prevent Relapse

Did drugs initially help you feel more comfortable in your own skin? There is a better way. Interoceptive awareness provides an effective way to deal with our feelings rather than trying to avoid them – a key skill for addiction recovery.