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Addiction Denial: What Is It and How Do We Escape It

Denial is a psychological defense mechanism. It can also become the mechanism that keeps us trapped in addiction. Learn more about the different forms of denial, what to do if you want to escape it and how to confront someone who is in denial.

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Sleepless in Recovery: Insomnia and what really helps

Insomnia and addictions recovery go hand in hand. Having sleep problems is also a major risk factor for relapse. This blog post focuses on the definition, causes, symptoms as well as effective treatment for insomnia and techniques that will help you get a good night’s rest:

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How Healthy Eating Can Help Your Recovery

Healthy Eating: Learn more about how nutrition can impact your addiction recovery negatively or positively, the dangers of comfort eating, the benefits of mindful eating and what food to expect when you come to Hope Rehab.

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Do You Have a Good Enough Reason to Stay Away from Drugs?

Fear of negative consequences may be enough to get us to go to rehab, but it is usually not a good motivation for long-term recovery. We need a positive vision for the future, or the pull back to our old coping mechanism can become overwhelming.

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Top 5 Emotional Difficulties of Early Recovery

Many of us turned to drugs in the first place to escape our emotions, and even after we quit, the urge to avoid feeling anything unpleasant can lead us back to addiction. Here are the top 5 emotional difficulties we are likely to experience in recovery, so we can be prepared to deal with them.

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The 6 Most Common Blocks to Recovery

People who relapse back to addiction often blame this on a feeling of getting stuck prior to picking up. Here are six of the most common blocks to recovery, so you can avoid a return to alcohol or drugs.