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Turn Off the Noise

Research shows that reducing our exposure to news and social media can reduce stress levels, increase productivity, and make us less prone to negative mental states. Here are some exercises to help you turn off the noise.


Bindabat – The Real Meaning Behind the Thai Buddhist Alms Round

Bhikkhu is the title for a fully-ordained monk in the Theravada Buddhist tradition, and can be translated as ‘one who lives on alms’. The idea is that by getting support from lay people, the monks will not need to work. They can then focus all of their attention on their spiritual practices in pursuit of enlightenment.


How to Forgive Yourself and Others in Recovery

Forgiving isn’t about saying that the behaviour was ok, or accepting excuses for the way people may have treated us and then letting them do it again and again. By forgiving those who have hurt us the first thing that happens is we no longer need to carry that hurt within ourselves.

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How Arrogance Prevents Connection

Surprisingly enough, most people don’t respond well to our attempts to make them seem inferior to us. It can make us hard to be around, and our behavior may even be damaging to others.The first essential step to overcoming arrogance is the recognition of this behavior in ourselves.

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Six Resolutions for a Clean Start to the New Decade

Meta description preview:Six Resolutions for a Clean Start to the New Decade by Joel Lewin You want to stay clean in 2020? Here are some resolutions that can help that happen. Start Journaling Addiction damages most of our close relationships. But most of all it mangles our relationship with ourselves.

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Explained

Addiction problems tend to go hand in hand with poor coping strategies. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy includes tools that can help us to better regulate our emotions, improve our interpersonal skills, and handle change more effectively.

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Self-Care for Women In Recovery from Addiction

The journey of recovery from addiction differs for women. In this post, we look at the importance of self-care, and we offer suggestions on how to best go about taking care of ourselves so we can fully enjoy and appreciate our new life.