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Non-Pharmaceutical Approaches to Pain Management

Drugs such as opiates play an important role in the management of chronic pain, but there is always the potential for addiction and other undesirable consequences. This is why non-pharmaceutical approaches to pain management can be the preferred option for those of us with a history of drug dependence.

Trauma and Addiction in Women

Trauma and Addiction in Women

Topics covered in this post include:What is the Link Between Trauma and Addiction in Women? What is the impact of trauma on Women? What kind of Rehab Environment Will Best Benefit Women Dealing with Trauma?

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Age Matters: Substance Use in Older and Younger Women

Women may abuse alcohol, prescription medication or illegal drugs across their lifespan, but the why and what of their use changes with age. In this post, we look at what age matters when it comes to treatment and prevention of drug addiction in women.

Gordon Patrick Boyce Addiction Complex

The Addiction Complex

Why do some people become addicts and others don’t? Former Hope counsellor Gordon Patrick Boyce, a recovering addict himself, explores this question and finds answers in Carl Jung’s “Complex Theory” which ultimately leads him to reflect on his own journey from a completely different perspective.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Hope Rehab

Unique Aspects of Prescription Drug Addiction

Abuse of prescription medication has increased dramatically since the 90ies. To treat this addiction successfully you must consider its unique aspects. This blog post explains what this could look like:

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Ice Addiction Treatment in Australia vs. At Hope Rehab

Ice addiction is a huge problem in Australia, yet the treatment options there don’t seem to be the best – for several reasons. This blog post points out some of the major problems and offers an alternative that has a proven track record of success.