New Hope Rehab Combined Online and Residential Course

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New Hope Rehab Combined Online & Residential Course

by Hope Rehab Team

Please Note: Using our latest online help that we are providing is not meant to replace or substitute actually being at Hope Rehab itself for detox and treatment. Hope Rehab is where you experience the powerful realizations and unity working together as a group, learning to work as a team, or the face-to-face intimate relationship with your counsellor. Part of what makes Hope one of the best treatment centers is our secure environment and unique atmosphere, the Thai culture, the diverse team, the facility and accommodation, the food, sharing the everyday lessons learned by living in our community, also all our many recourses and much much more…we do understand this! — However, our online program that we have (initially used for aftercare) now also used for pre-Rehab preparation due to delays in getting here is working very well and is now part of our package.

Begin Your Journey To Hope Before You Get to Thailand

Did you know that the period just before coming to rehab can be just as challenging as the transition back home following treatment? During this waiting time your motivation can start to fade (this is even more likely if there is a delay of a few weeks before the decision to quit and getting the help you need) and your life can be further damaged by those final episodes of drug use. In response to these risks, we have created Hope Online Treatment, so you can begin your recovery journey even before you arrive in Thailand. This new addition to our treatment package compliments our aftercare program that is designed to ease your transition back home.

What to Expect From the Hope Online Starter Program

Apart from giving you a taste of the Hope Rehab Program itself, online engagement also increases your readiness and ability change. The course has been thoughtfully designed and structured with built in flexibility for the convenience of clients wherever they are.

We can offer either harm reduction advice or relapse prevention tools that you will be able to use until you arrive at Hope in Thailand. These also include tools for managing cravings, anxiety, & depression. If you feel up to it, you can even start work on the Hope Program using our handbook and assignments. This means you will be able to hit the ground running when you get here.

Your counsellor can become a mentoring offering a sense of accountability which helps many people stick with any healthy decisions being committed to. In addition we provide support & advice with interpersonal relationships as these can be a source of high stress to clients waiting to come to Hope.

Hope even gives your family or loved-ones some support while you wait to be admitted.

Practical help we offer includes Supporting letters for employers, education providers and the authorities generally, we will advocate on your behalf. We offer crisis management, guidance and problem solving solutions that may not have access to otherwise.

Detox Advice

We do not recommend trying to Detox at home without local professional support. If you need help you must see a Doctor or visit you local drug and alcohol service.

There are many advantages to online treatment, and you can read more about this by clicking here.

The Purpose and Approach of Pretreatment Online Support

  • Promote Optimism (it is common for clients to be dealing with self-esteem issues and feelings of hopelessness)

  • Offer encouragement and focus on the positive.
  • Keep trying – small steps can make a huge difference.
  • Strengths and assets (e.g. past achievements)

  • Learn more about Hope Rehab and what to expect in Thailand.
  • Recognize client’s efforts and discuss.

  • Getting suitable support from family and friends.

  • Investigate any barriers to recovery such as resistance or denial.

Hope gave me my life back and a direction that will keep me healthy and have a safe way of thinking for my future. I cannot say enough about the counsellors, ground staff interns and the other clients who inspired me back to health.


Hope Online Program Schedule

Please keep in mind that this is a rolling schedule (e.g. you may enter the program at week 4, but you will get to cover the earlier content when we restart at week 1). We may also alter the schedule to better suit the needs of clients.

  • Week 1 – preperation / dealing with the delay.

  • Week 2 – expectations – self talk
  • Week 3 – change – what’s getting in the way? rock Bottoms – reality of addiction.
  • Week 4 – drama Triangle, fear.
  • Week 5 – reality check – goals – chunking

  • Week 6 – How to stay safe and focused.

What the Online Program Includes

  • 2 counselling sessions per week

  • Individual mindfulness coaching every second week.

  • 3 Group Sessions Per Week (2 topic/check-in groups and 1 mindfulness group)

Hope. It’s all in the name really. I was broken when I arrived at Hope. I’d been in and out of Rehabs in Australia, never really coming to terms with, or believing it were possible to stay sober. Hope changed all that. Hope not only got me clean, It helped me find purpose. It helped change my mindset. It gave me Hope again.


Topics Covered in Hope Online Program

  • Introduction to the Hope program (Housekeeping during 1st session)
  • Dealing with isolation addiction and current situation Covid19.

  • Getting to know you and the challenges you are facing.

  • Dealing with challenges in the home environment.

  • Getting to Hope Thailand (how and expectation) and intake rules explained.

  • What you want to achieve – motivation and expectations.

  • Positivity attitude / moods and depression – tools/affirmation positive self talk.

  • Hope workbook, gratitude lists, and journalling explained.

  • What is addiction? The theory of addiction as a brain disease.

  • Harm reduction- drug of choice – pro’s and cons – consequences.

  • Relapse prevention not just abstinence (where appropriate).
  • Intentions, plans and goals (future Opportunities)

  • Reasons for change and What they want to change- what do you think it will take

  • Motivational Interviewing – encouragement willingness to change.

Hope Online Mindfulness Program

  • Session 1Motivated to Change – This is where you learn to unhook from the negative thoughts and states that keep you trapped and unable to imagine a better future. This means you will release the mental resources you need to move your life in a new direction.

  • Session 2 – The Nature of Craving – Here you learn the nature of craving, and I will teach you effective techniques so you are no longer a slave to these mysterious forces that can destroy your life.

  • Session 3 – seeing in new ways – You know how alcohol and other drugs can make things seem better? These substances didn’t do that by changing the outside world, they worked by changing your perception of the outside world. Here you will learn how to perceive in new ways, so you don’t need these chemical crutches

  • Session 4 – A Simple Daily Practice – You can make impressive progress with mindfulness just by committing to a simple daily practice. Doing this will give you proof that real change is possible, and this is the best way to keep you motivated.

We know there are many of you ready to begin your journey to a new life. Don’t delay. Contact us now to find out more.

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