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Hope United Stick with the Winners – Guest Post

by Robert H.

Advice from Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett, whose family had their fair share of mental illness, suggests that you float up with those wealthier than you. Defined in broad terms, starting with health, without a healthy mind, body, and spirit, it will be a challenge to enjoy the finer things in life. Warren suggests treating your body like a car, if one only had one for life, one would look after it, check the water, oil regularly, and have regular services.

Warren suggests that unless one is mindful about this, then there is a tendency to float down with the others. Heavens door is narrow and the path, whereas the gates of hell are wide with a vast highway approaching. Sexual relations is the number one fly or flop when it comes to wealth. Balance is what is aimed for. Sex without love is poison, whereas sex with love will bring mana from heaven.

Addiction robs a person of everything in time. Buffett suggests marrying up, but not financially. A revue of the billionaires in the US states most successful people met their partners in ‘church’. In Buffett’s case it was a person who could support him emotionally to help him engage socially. When one talks of soul mates it is a person who best counterbalances the other.

Put two money heads together and there will be sickness in other areas. A quarrelsome partner is like a leaky roof. In addiction the focus goes 100% on the substance of choice. Victor Frankl suggests gain a perspective for what will give purpose in life. If one is passionate about ones work, the money will follow and as Frankle says if one has a purpose this will take one over or around the walls that test ones resolve.

“Here is mine: Recovery, work, friends, relationships, boats, ships, sailing, water skiing, snow skiing, shooting …..”

Write a Joy List to Increase Your Compassion

Write a joy or pleasure list. This will help one see what one is motivated by.

Here is mine: Recovery, work, friends, relationships, boats, ships, sailing, water skiing, snow skiing, shooting over rough ground for the pot, guns, tanks, APC’s, art, books, travel, culture, music, dancing, food, cooking, farming, trees, birds, landscape design, architecture, interior design, swimming, sunbathing, deep sea fishing, reflexology, pilates, karate, shiatsu, cranial sacral, crystals, reiki, minerals, mining, astrology, DNA Genealogy, construction, earth moving, engineering, metal work, cars, boats v8’s, 2strokes, superchargers, parties, socializing, media, clothes, shoes, fashion, snow mobiles, jet bikes, psychology, entertainment, lectures, fabrics, flooring, wood, furniture, antiques, horses, birds, animals, plants, trees, forestry, flowers, gardening, shrubs, sculptures, watches, diamonds, emeralds, jewelry, wallpapers, planes, backgammon, draughts, oxygen tent, tennis, rallying, motocross, demolition derby, esoteric’s, metaphysics, card reading, medium, prayer.


Stick with the Winners – Guest Post

Write yours then review, how much of these you have done in last few years, months weeks, today.

Stick with the Winners – Guest Post By Robert HH