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Where Are You Going to Be On New Year’s Day 2023?

Where Are You Going to Be On New Year’s Day 2023?

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by Hope Rehab Team

What is it that most people want at the start of a new year? Isn’t it usually the hope to do better or be better? Deep down we know that we are capable of so much more. We suspect that the life we are living is somehow less satisfying than the life we could be living. The New Year approaches like a line in the sand with the opportunity of a brand new chapter.

Hope. It’s all in the name really. I was broken when I arrived at Hope. I’d been in and out of Rehabs in Australia, never really coming to terms with, or believing it were possible to stay sober. Hope changed all that. Hope not only got me clean, It helped me find purpose. It helped change my mindset. It gave me Hope again.


Does Anything Change on New Year’s Day

It is usually true that nothing really changes on New Year’s Day. It can be just like any other day. Or to put it even more bluntly; same shit, different year. It doesn’t have to be that way though. If we are sincerely motivated, and we create the right conditions for change to happen, it is possible to shift our life in a new direction.

The main reason our promises to change don’t materialize is that we underestimate the challenge. We believe that willpower will be enough to overcome habits and addictions that are deeply entrenched. As Mike Tyson once said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. If we are serious about change, we need to accurately assess the challenge ahead and get the support and resources we need to tackle it.

How Does Change Occur?

Our lives are always changing, the problem is that we get stuck in certain patterns that mean we keep returning to the same problems. Our difficulty is not with promoting change but with preventing these habitual mental patterns from hijacking the process so that we keep ending up with more of the same. How do we do that?

Have you heard the old saying, ‘it is better the devil you know’? There is a part of our mind that works on this principle. It fears change, and it would rather we remain miserable than facing the uncertainty of a new way of living. We all say that we want to be happy, but this part of our mind prefers things to remain the same. It is this old pattern of thinking that sabotages our attempts to change (if we have an addiction problem, this obstacle becomes even greater due to chemical changes in our brain) .

There are some of the steps we can take to get beyond our inner resistance to change:

A beautiful place for beautiful people! If you’re serious about restarting your life, Hope is where you want to be. With breath taking views, wonderful mentors and exotic food of the highest quality, I can’t recommend a better rehabilitation center. You are bound to find a new family who are friendly and supportive beyond anything I can describe. I strongly recommend Hope


Maybe Other People Can Change But Not Me

If you have been struggling with an addiction or mental health issue for a long time, you may well be starting to lose hope. If you have experienced great trauma, you may find it almost impossible to imagine a better future. This is how it was for many of us before the big change happened. It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen down, there is always the possibility of positive change.

Hope Rehab Clients Walking The Grounds

How Will Running Away to Thailand Fix My Life?

Travelling to a rehab in Thailand may sound like a bit of a tropical holiday, but there is far more to it than that. Being in a new environment makes it easier to see things in new ways, and this is the foundation of change. Our clients do get to enjoy Thailand, it’s culture, and the wonderful hospitality of the local people, but we are no holiday camp. There is serious work to be done if we are going to make the change you yearn for happen.

So, where are you going to be on New Year’s Day 2023? Are you going to be enjoying the fruits of a brand new chapter or will it be more of the same? Contact us now if it is the second option you would prefer.

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