How To Find The Best Rehab Treatment In Thailand

By The Hope Rehab Team

Topic at one glance:

  • Thailand offers many different rehab treatment options

  • Can you trust the advice offered here?

  • 5 tips on how to choose the best treatment for yourself or your loved one & which important questions to ask before booking

  • Are you thinking about travelling to Thailand for addiction treatment?

  • Are you looking for a Thai rehab for a loved one?

  • Are you confused by the number of treatment options in Thailand?

Is This Rehab Thailand Advice You Can Trust?

Hope Rehab Terminal & DC 3 PlaneOkay, let’s get this out of the way, our opinion about your rehab options in Thailand is going to be biased. We would probably prefer it if you came to Hope because our continued existence depends on a steady inflow of clients. Having said that, our team is made up of people in recovery, so even if you don’t choose to come to us, we still want you to succeed.

It is a good idea to weigh up your rehab options carefully because choosing an appropriate facility does make a difference to your overall chances of success. Here are a few suggestions for choosing an appropriate solution.

5 Bits of Rehab Advice: What To Look Out For When Choosing a Treatment Facility in Thailand

  1.  Does the Rehab Meet Your Needs?

It is important to understand that there is no one treatment approach that works for everyone. The key is to choose a treatment facility that can provide what you need. Some things worth considering would include:

  1.  Don’t Make a Judgement Solely on the Website Photos

It is easy to put some amazing pictures of Thailand on a website, so you want to be satisfied that what you see is what you will be getting. It can be a disappointment to be expecting a tropical beach only to discover the rehab is in the middle of an industrial estate. Google maps (street view) can be useful because it can give you a much better idea of the location and environment of the rehab. We added a 360° tour to Google maps so you are able to see our whole facility online.

  1.  Read Some Reviews

Reviews from a trusted source (e.g. Facebook or Google Reviews) can be another source of good information about a facility. If you know someone who has been to a rehab in Thailand, this can be another good source of advice.

  1.  Read Between the Lines

Treatment centers in Thailand are looking for your business, so they are understandably going to be trying to put themselves in the best light possible. It is important to ask the right questions. For example, a rehab could claim to offer mindfulness, Thai massage, and elephant rides even if the mindfulness is only one session a week, the Thai massage is once a month, and the elephant ride is once a year.

  1.  Consider a Facility that Utilizes Different Approaches

Some rehabs still try to push the idea that there is only one way to give up alcohol or drugs. This is not only obviously untrue (different approaches have worked for people), but it can also be damaging if the approach offered is not suitable for you – it could mean you end up feeling so hopeless you give up on recovery altogether. It may be better to choose a facility that offers multiple approaches, so you have a better chance of success.

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