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Impact of Covid 19 on Mental Health and Addiction Problems

Impact of Covid 19 on Mental Health and Addiction Problems

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by Hope Rehab Team 

The Impact of Covid 19 Goes Way Beyond the Damage Caused by a Virus

It has been a tough couple of years. The covid 19 epidemic has impacted our world in ways that many of us just were not prepared for. As a poet once wrote about his experience in the trenches of World War I:

“It’s the waiting that’s seldom talked about;
Oh, it’s very rarely told
That most of the bravery at the front
Is just waiting in the cold.

It is not the dread of the shrapnel’s whine
That sickens a fighting soul,
But the beast in us comes out sometimes
When we’re waiting in a hole.

Donald Sherman White – The Boys Who Live in the Ground (taken from the book ‘Songs from the Trenches‘)

The covid 19 virus is a bit like the bullets and shrapnel that killed and maimed so many in the trenches of World War I. Just like then though, it wasn’t just the tanks, bombs, and guns that caused the casualties. The experience of being in the trenches also damaged people psychologically. We see something similar happening due to the covid 19 epidemic.

Just Some of the Ways Covid 19 Has Impacted Mental Health

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The Extent of the Damage to Mental Health and Increasing Addiction Issues Due to Covid 19

It will be years before we get a fuller picture of just how much the epidemic has impacted mental health – we will probably never know the full extent of the damage. It is believed that as much as 40% of people in the US have reported symptoms of anxiety and depression . In the UK, there is believed to be as much as a 58.6% increase in the number of people drinking alcohol at a level considered ‘high risk’ .

Have You Experienced Addiction or Mental Health Issues During the Epidemic?

If you are dealing with addiction issues or symptoms related to mental health (e.g. anxiety or depression), we may be able to help. The program we provide at Hope Rehab Thailand is recognized internationally for its quality and effectiveness. We are waiting to hear from you, so just give us a call now.

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