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Ice Addiction Treatment in Australia vs. At Hope Rehab

Ice Addiction Treatment in Australia vs. at Hope Rehab

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Over the past years, since the opening of Hope Rehab, we have helped a lot of Australians who were struggling with an ice addiction, a drug also known as crystal meth. As you will probably know ice is a big problem in Australia and the drug is causing a lot of trouble for numerous families and many of the Australian communities.

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What our clients tell us about ice treatment in Australia

I am sad to say that we hear a lot of stories about the Australian drug addiction treatment centers that aren’t really positive. This is partly because we only see the people who have relapsed after their treatment in Australia but in general, there are a couple of reasons that we keep hearing from our clients. A few examples are:

… and so on.

Australian ice addicts working at Hope Rehab

We have 5 Australian ex-addicts working at Hope Rehab that have been clients at our facility in the past. Three of them have been treated for ice addiction, one for alcoholism and one for a benzo addiction. All of them have finished our treatment program and have learned how to deal with their addiction issues. At the moment all of them have a significant amount of ‘clean-time’. They have moved from the selfishness of addiction to helping other addicts to learn how to stay clean, using the same tools.

What ice addiction treatment at Hope Rehab looks like

In our treatment facility, ice addicts receive the level of treatment that is necessary for overcoming the addiction and the related issues. The main parts of our treatment are:


Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: This type of therapy is where you learn the most successful tool in the world for time-limited therapy, and it helps people to evaluate and change the unhelpful thinking patterns that keep them using alcohol and/or drugs.

Minnesota Model

Minnesota Model: This worldwide acknowledged therapy tool is used for the understanding and breaking denial, helps to change the addict behaviour into positive behaviour and gives a high level of insight in the addiction itself.


Meditation and Mindfulness: This helps addicts to deal with feelings and emotions more effectively. At Hope Rehab our clients learn different styles so when they leave at the end of treatment, they know what works for them. Our clients get one-on-one sessions, practical and theoretical group sessions.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise: We exercise every day with all our clients to improve the overall condition of the physical health and to develop strength and endurance. It also helps with creating a natural feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment; something addicts need to develop.

These are the main four pillars of our therapy, and they have been proven to be very effective in treating addiction successfully. These pillars are combined with the other parts of our treatment; one-on-one addiction counsellinggroup therapy, massages, personal training, etc.

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