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Hope New Year 2022 Treatment Package offer

Hope New Year 2022 Treatment Package Offer

No Bad Day
“Opportunity knocks softly sometimes”

Hope Rehab Thailand is offering a special New Year opportunity for all those of you who are able to take it. We will reduce our usual treatment fee when you book our two and three month programs. If you do not require detox, there may be a further reduction.

The longer you stay at Hope the higher your chance of long-term success at making the change. It is a recognized fact that changing habits takes approximately 90 days. This is why most treatment centers recommend 3 months treatment. Recovery groups also suggest 90 meetings in 90 days.

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The New Year Is A Time for Looking Forward

The past is done, it’s gone, but many of us have trouble letting go of it. This is because even right now, we are still very much experiencing the impact of the past (the trauma, the regrets, and the resentments). A New Year comes with the tantalizing possibility of a brand new chapter, but this is hard when we are weighed down by so much baggage. One of the main reasons to come to Hope, is to begin letting go of this past, so we can fully embrace the future. (Please read our ‘New Year, New You’ where we go into this in much more detail).

As we move into 2022, we may have more to let go of than any other time in our lives. We humans have had a tough couple of years. Life has become a real struggle for many of us with lockdowns, social distancing, working from home, and the social isolation some feel from the need to wear masks. It has been traumatic (check out our covid-19 post), and it may not yet be fully over, but now is the time to reclaim and rebuild our lives. If we have been using alcohol or other drugs as a crutch, we need to find better coping mechanisms. If we have been experiencing anxiety and depression, we may require proper treatment in order to fully recover.

The pandemic, and the subsequent closing of Thai borders to foreign tourists, meant that we had to close our doors for 18 months. This turned out to be incredibly difficult for us. Throughout this time, we continued to receive a barrage of messages (more than ever) from people who were often in dire need of help, but we were unable to accept them. This all changed last month when we were once again able to open our doors. Like the fairy tale of sleeping beauty, the time for us to awaken had finally arrived (although instead of a kiss from a prince, we had to settle for a government announcement about a loosening of border controls).

Start a Brand New Year By Letting The Past Go

One of the New Year’s traditions we follow here at Hope is to release a sky lantern (khom loi). This is a traditional Thai custom for this time of year where we release bad energy to make way for good energy to enter our lives.

For the community here at Hope, releasing the sky lantern carries a particularly significant meaning. We are letting go of the past (failures, regrets, old ideas), so we can welcome in the new (well-being, recovery, happiness, success, health,). Of course, most of us will also have our own special wish for the future as we watch the khom loi  disappear into the night sky.

Sky Lantern

The New Year As A Time for Resolutions

Cynics might claim that New Year’s resolutions are a waste of time, but this is not what the evidence says (around 46% of people keep their resolution for at least six months ). Being in the right environment, having proper support and encouragement, and access to needed resources greatly increases the likelihood of a resolution leading to a permanent change.

Some of the most common resolutions we make at Hope include:

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Are you ready for a ‘new you’ in 2022?

Do you want to make resolutions this New Year?

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