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Do Not Waste Your Time and Funds on The Wrong Rehab

Do Not Waste Your Time and Funds on The Wrong Rehab

Group Therapy at Hope Rehab Thailand

by Hope Rehab Team

After having visited various clinics in the Netherlands and abroad, I came to the conclusion that I really needed something else. A clinic where I was seen as a person and not as a prisoner. The holistic program that the experiential experts at Hope have put together has been the reason for me to travel to Thailand.


Choosing The Wrong Rehab Can Mean More Than a Loss of Time and Money

Reaching a point where you are ready to change provides a precious opportunity. It may have taken you years to get here. There is no guarantee that this motivation will last forever, and this is why it is absolutely crucial that you make the most of it.

Choosing the wrong rehab can not only mean a loss of time or money, but it can also mean the loss of an opportunity. This is the saddest part. When we take major steps to change our life that don’t work out, it tends to weaken our motivation. We may even give up on the idea of a new life completely – at least temporarily.

If we fail to make the most of an opportunity to change, it could be years before the conditions are right to try again. During this time, more damage will occur to our relationships, our reputation, and our physical and mental health.

You Are More Than a Set of Problems

We humans are highly complex. We are all unique. This complexity and uniqueness needs to be taken into account when it comes to treating problems like addiction issues. Any approach that treats us like a set of problems that just need fixing is likely to fail. Humans are not the same as car engines.

After 12 years wanting/trying to get clean and 6 previous attempts at treatment and one detox, I’m so grateful to have found Hope when I did. I was made to feel more like a well cared for client than a customer than anywhere I’d been previously, felt my well-being was a priority and my counseling and treatment could be tailored to fit me and my needs, so the sessions, tools and exercises I was given were the things most relevant and helpful to me, where I was at, in order to stay clean


What Do We Mean by The Wrong Rehab

When we talk about the ‘wrong rehab’, what we really mean is the wrong rehab for you. This is a discussion we have had with thousands of clients over the years, and the most common criticisms of other rehabs we’ve heard include:

Having been in and out of treatment in the UK (5 treatment centers!) for the past two years I really was at the point of giving up. Hopes focus on mind, body and soul is a true holistic approach which for me has made the difference that I needed


How to Find the Right Rehab For You

The key to find the right rehab for you is to do your homework. It is also definitely worth checking out honest reviews (just be careful because there are review websites out there that are not legit). Of course, we would love for you to join our community. So do please contact us to find out what we can offer. We want to help you make the most of this precious opportunity to change.

Hope Rehab Team

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