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Easter – A Time for Redemption

Easter Eggs & Redemption

Easter Special Opportunity – We are now offering an additional 15% discount on 2 & 3 month packages only. This is to encourage longer realistic treatment commitment and help with financial and practical issues caused by the Covid crisis for many of our clients. If you do not require detox there may be a further reduction in cost.

Time For a Fresh Start

Hope Rehab in Thailand invites anyone who is struggling with addiction related issues now to consider joining our program. Easter time symbolizes rebirth or a new start for everyone and anyone. Chocolate Easter eggs are now given as gifts all over the world by everyone for fun. Like Christmas it’s become a global celebration well beyond its original religious context. Easter is a time of rebirth and renewal that’s why ‘Eggs” have become synonymous with this time of year, and of course its also Springtime in many parts of the world when seeds start to grow and animals create new off spring.

“Shattered, but I’m not broken
Wounded, but time will heal
Heavy the load, the cross I bear
Lonely the road I trod, I dare
Shaken, but here I stand.”

Yolanda Adams– Still I Rise

Easter Represents Redemption for All

Easter is when Christians around the globe celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. For them, this miracle of Jesus conquering death, following his crucifixion, redeemed humanity from sin. It is a joyful event that signifies redemption, and it arguably provides a hopeful message for non-Christians as well as Christians – it is a reminder that all of us can be redeemed no matter how dark our past has been. 

Resurrection From Addiction

Addiction is like a living death. This disease of the mind not only ruins our relationships, destroys our reputation, and damages us physically and mentally, but also steals our dreams and sense of purpose. It sucks away our confidence and hope, and we can end up convinced that this impoverished way of living is the best we can expect. To those who knew us before, it really can seem as if an important part of us has died.

Recovery offers the chance of a new life following addiction. It is a type of resurrection. The changes that occur to people both physically and mentally after they quit abusing these substances can be nothing short of miraculous. From the living hell of addiction, recovery provides a path to serenity and peace. 

Easters Eggs, Hope, and New Life

The Easter egg symbolizes new life and rebirth. It reminds us that there is always the chance to start again. We can be reborn. One of the saddest aspects of addiction is it can steal away our sense of hope, and this is why we are required to initially take a leap of faith. We have to believe that things will get better in order to develop the motivation to quit. Thankfully, this reliance on faith is soon surpassed by hard evidence that our life is improving.

Isn’t it time that you took steps to resurrect your life? Contact us today to find our out how we can help you do just that

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