What is it Like to Work in the Customer Service Team at Hope Rehab Thailand?

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Episode 48 –What is it Like to Work in the Customer Service Team at Hope Rehab Thailand?

Anyone who has been to Hope Rehab Thailand will almost certainly have come in contact with Jenny and Sareena. These two key members of our team look after customer service, and they are always there with a welcome smile and a willingness to go that extra mile to help clients during their stay. In this podcast interview, they tell us what it is like to work at Hope, and we learn how being here has changed their view of addiction.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 48

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Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • Did you know much about addiction before coming to Hope?

  • Has your view of addiction changed because of working here?

  • What is the most important thing you have learned about addiction?

  • Is it easy to relate to the clients (understand them)?

  • Do the clients talk to you about their problems?

  • What kinds of questions do they ask?

  • What advice do you give?

  • What about boundaries?

  • Rehab can be a stressful environment – how do you cope?

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