Episode 30 – How TRE Helps with Addiction, Anxiety, and Trauma [Podcast]

Nuggets from this episode of the podcast

  • TRE is concerned with the physiological mechanisms underpinning stress and trauma.

  • TRE is a series of 7 simple exercises that fatigue our muscles and promote tremors so the body can release stress and tension.

  • Clients can feel more relaxed, find it easier to sleep, and generally feel less anxious following a TRE session.

  • TRE is a gradual process that is best practiced initially under the supervision of an experienced practitioner.

  • Clients who are new to TRE need to avoid a ‘more is better’ attitude as this can lead to a situation of too much too soon.

Samina, counsellor at Hope RehabHope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 30 -How TRE Helps with Addiction, Anxiety, and Trauma

A conversation between Samina Khan and  Paul Garrigan

Samina is our resident Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) expert. In this episode of the podcast, she discusses topics including:


  • NOTE: Currently no TRE trainer at Hope ‘sorry’

    What does TRE stand for?

  • What is the purpose of the trauma release exercises?

  • How does TRE work?

  • How is TRE relevant to clients coming to rehab?

  • Are the tension release exercises suitable for everyone?

  • Are there any risks with TRE?

  • How do clients usually feel after a TRE session?

  • How many sessions do clients need?

  • How do clients know if TRE is working?

  • What is the final goal of TRE?

  • Is it possible to do TRE as a solo practice?

  • Can you recommend any TRE resources?

Resources: Samina recommends you visit David Bercili’s website where you will find a ton of information and resources.

You can also check out our TRE page

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