Episode 47 – Tips for Having a Fantastic Christmas Without Alcohol or Drugs

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Episode 47 – Tips for Having a Fantastic Christmas Without Alcohol or Drugs

A conversation between Fabi, Joel, Matt, and Paul 

In this episode of the podcast, Matt, Fabi, Joel, and Paul offer some tips about enjoying Christmas without alcohol or drugs. This can be a hard time of year for many of us, but we can grow to love this time of year for completely new reasons.

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Wishing you all a merry Christmas and fantastic New Year.

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Topics covered in this week’s show include:

  • Why can this time of year be difficult for people who are in early recovery? Is it always going to be difficult for them?

  • Might it be better for some people to just avoid Christmas altogether (e.g. come on holiday to Thailand)?

  • Is it possible to enjoy Christmas without alcohol and drugs? Any tips for how to do that?

  • How do we deal with the pressure to join in the ‘festive spirit’?

  • Should we go to parties with family, friends, and work colleagues?

  • Can you suggest any safe activities that people might enjoy at this time of year?

  • How can people manage stress during the holiday season?

  • What if they start to feel lonely or remorseful about the past?

  • How to enjoy being around family and friends?

  • Do you have any tips for managing Christmas on a low-budget?

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Merry sober & clean Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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