Episode 19 – Staying Motivated with Parice and Petra

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Episode 19 – Staying Motivated with Parice and Petra

Nuggets from this episode

  • Relapse back to addiction is more likely to occur when our motivation for recovery is low.

  • Signs that we are becoming demotivated can include skipping healthy commitments (e.g. exercise, meditation or recovery meetings), becoming more judgmental, and isolating.

  • Occasional periods of low motivation are normal, and maybe even necessary, but it is when low motivation continues over a longer period that it becomes problematic.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 19 – Staying Motivated with Parice and Petra

Muay Thai Boxing at Hope Rehab ThailandA conversation between Parice, Petra, and Paul.

In this episode of the podcast, Parice and Petra offer some tips for staying motivated in early recovery and beyond. Both have recent experience of being clients at Hope, so they appreciate the challenge of doing what needs to be done to escape addiction. The two of them agree that staying motivated is vital for recovery, but they also realize that there needs to be balance and that some days we just may not have the energy to jump through too many hoops.

Topics covered include:

  • What do we mean by the word ‘motivation’ and how does it relate to recovery?

  • How can we stay motivated in recovery?

  • What routines have helped you to stay motivated?

  • Is staying motivated a problem for those in early recovery?

  • What are some symptoms of lack of motivation?

  • Is low motivation a risk for people in recovery?

  • Can there be a legitimate reason for low motivation?

  • How do we get the balance right between self-care and staying motivated?

  • Is there a danger that we can become too motivated about our recovery?

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