Episode 37 – Refuge Recovery – Buddhist Self-Help Group for Addiction Problems

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Episode 37 – Refuge Recovery – Buddhist Self-Help Group for Addiction Problems

Nuggets from this Episode of the Podcast

  • Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist inspired path to recovery from addiction.

  • The program is based on the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism as interpreted by Noah Levine in his book Refuge Recovery.

  • Refuge Recovery is compatible with the 12 Step approach and some members will go to both groups.

A conversation between Will and Paul.

In this episode of the podcast, Will tells to us about his experiences with Refuge Recovery. Will facilitates the Refuge Recovery meetings here at Hope, and the group recently celebrated its one-year anniversary. He describes how the program work, and he shares some insights into how this approach has helped him personally.

You can find out more about some of the topics covered in the show in the section below, or you can just listen straightaway by pressing play in the media player below.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 37

  • What is Refuge Recovery?

  • Is it like the 12 Steps?

  • What is the format for a Refuge Recovery meeting?

  • How does this approach differ from the 12 Steps?

  • Is Refuge Recovery compatible with the 12 Steps?

  • Where does Refuge Recovery come from?

  • Is this approach suitable for all types of addiction?

  • Are Rational Recovery meetings available worldwide?
  • Are there online meetings?

  • Are the meetings free?

  • Is this approach only for Buddhists?

  • Is it a religious approach?

  • Is there one-to-one support (like the sponsor in a 12 Step group)?

  • Can you give an example of how this approach has helped you?

Recommended Resources

Refuge Recovery Website

Refuge Recovery: A Buddhist Path to Recovery from Addiction by Noah Levine

You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes

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