Episode 31 – Addiction to Chaos [podcast]

Nuggets from this episode of the podcast:

  • Those of us with addiction problems can be unconsciously attracted to the adrenalin rush produced by chaos and drama.

  • One of the symptoms of an addiction to chaos is an inability to be at peace with oneself.

  • One reason our life can become so chaotic is we create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • If our addiction to chaos is not dealt with in early recovery, it may increase our likelihood of relapse.

Hope Mindful Compassion Show – Episode 31 – Addiction to Chaos [podcast]

A conversation between Luke Richardson and Paul Garrigan

In this episode of the podcast, Luke discusses ‘addiction to chaos’ which is something that has been coming up a lot for him recently in his work with clients at Hope.  The topics covered in this show include:

  • What do you mean by “addiction to chaos”?

  • What are the symptoms of this addiction?

  • Are all addicts addicted to chaos?

  • What does this addiction stem from?

  • Does the addiction cause the chaos?

  • Which came first, the chaos or the addiction?

  • Will the addiction to chaos end as soon as the person quits alcohol/drugs?

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