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Forgiveness: A Gift We Can Offer Ourselves

Why forgive? We may have valid reasons to feel resentful, but this pattern of thinking only prolongs our pain and keeps us in a relationship with our abusers. So, one good reason for forgiveness is we see that we have already suffered enough. Self-forgiveness means we live and learn rather than punishing ourselves.

The Stages of Grief – How to Survive a Loss

Grief can be triggered by any type of loss - the toughest one being death. Learn more about the stages of grief, coping strategies, how long grief lasts, obstacles to the grieving process and potential support networks.

A Hands-On Mindfulness Guide to Relapse Prevention

Has this happened to you? You decide to quit in the morning, yet you are back using again by the afternoon? Here are three mindfulness tools that you can use right away, so that next time you make the decision to quit drugs you are able to follow through.

Last Dance – A Recovery Poem

One of our clients wrote a beautiful poem about her recovery journey - with her permission we publish it here to spread some HOPE. Watch the video and have the poem read to you or read it yourself in the section below the video.

Recovering as Adult Children of Alcoholics

Growing up with an addicted parent is like living with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – one minute the parent can be loving, and the next demonic. It changes us,and these changes follow us into adulthood, but as we begin to heal, we can take something positive from the experience.

Sleepless in Recovery: Insomnia and what really helps

Insomnia and addictions recovery go hand in hand. Having sleep problems is also a major risk factor for relapse. This blog post focuses on the definition, causes, symptoms as well as effective treatment for insomnia and techniques that will help you get a good night's rest:

Boundaries: How I learned to say ‘No’ the hard way

What are healthy boundaries and how do they work? This blog post focuses on why boundaries are crucial, the dangers of not sticking to them - especially in recovery and how to implement boundaries with the people that get to us the most - our family members. A field report:

Anxiety, and why you are not going crazy

Struggling with anxiety disorder can feel like being trapped in hell. However, there is a way out. It's not only possible to recovery, but also to thrive. This blog post discusses challenges & problems and provides you with 12 healthy coping strategies for dealing with anyiety.

Episode 33 – Transformations in Recovery

How do we transform our life in recovery? “It’s not enough knowing that you need to change, it’s not enough wanting to change, in order to change, we need to experience change.” Listen to the podcast to find out more.

How Healthy Eating Can Help Your Recovery

Healthy Eating: Learn more about how nutrition can impact your addiction recovery negatively or positively, the dangers of comfort eating, the benefits of mindful eating and what food to expect when you come to Hope Rehab.

Episode 32 Recovery Rituals Podcast

Recovery rituals are healthy habits we can develop to replace the bad habits picked up through addiction. In this episode of the podcast, Sarah Clitheroe talks about creating the right recovery rituals that can help us heal and find happiness.

The Addiction Complex

Why do some people become addicts and others don't? Former Hope counsellor Gordon Patrick Boyce, a recovering addict himself, explores this question and finds answers in Carl Jung's "Complex Theory" which ultimately leads him to reflect on his own journey from a completely different perspective.

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