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100 Tips for Building a Strong Recovery

The team at Hope Rehab Thailand has put together a list of 100 tips that we feel could be useful for those of us in recovery. We have collectively applied this advice to our own lives and reaped the rewards, and we invite you to do the same.

Staying Motivated and Goal Setting in Recovery

There are many possible reasons for why we lose motivation, but the most common is that we start to take the improvements in our life for granted – don’t let this happen to you. In this post we provide guidance on staying motivated and goal setting.

How to Find a Good Rehab in Thailand

The uncomfortable truth is that basically anyone with a website and a couple of spare rooms can claim to be a rehab in Thailand. These operations are usually illegal and potentially dangerous, but how can someone looking for help from abroad know this. Here are tips for looking for a good rehab in Thailand.


Accountability in Early Recovery by Hope Rehab Team What is accountability? Is self-discipline the same as self-will? What tools can help me become more accountable? Extract from the Hope [...]

Episode 39 – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

It is said we spend up to 70% of our life operating on auto-pilot, and this can be incredibly damaging if this involves repeatedly engaging in negative patterns of behavior like addiction. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy helps us to escape the tyranny of life on auto-pilot so we can find freedom.

The Barriers Facing Women Seeking Addiction Treatment

The evidence shows that women are often getting worse deal then men when it comes to addiction treatment. A gender responsive rehab acknowledges and addresses the needs of women entering a rehab program. Find out more about the problems facing women going to rehab and how these can be addressed.

Episode 38 – Childhood Sexual Trauma

In this episode of the podcast, Yuriko discusses childhood sexual trauma. One in four girls and one in six boys are said to suffer this type of abuse. Is there a way back from this type of experience? What is the relationship between childhood sexual abuse and addiction?

A Buddhist Response to Boredom

When given the choice between sitting alone in silence or receiving electric shocks, most of us would choose the electric shocks. It is hardly surprising that boredom is a huge risk for people leaving rehab. Buddhism provides a solution that doesn’t involve feeding our addiction to stimulation.

Forgiveness: A Gift We Can Offer Ourselves

Why forgive? We may have valid reasons to feel resentful, but this pattern of thinking only prolongs our pain and keeps us in a relationship with our abusers. So, one good reason for forgiveness is we see that we have already suffered enough. Self-forgiveness means we live and learn rather than punishing ourselves.

The Stages of Grief – How to Survive a Loss

Grief can be triggered by any type of loss - the toughest one being death. Learn more about the stages of grief, coping strategies, how long grief lasts, obstacles to the grieving process and potential support networks.

A Hands-On Mindfulness Guide to Relapse Prevention

Has this happened to you? You decide to quit in the morning, yet you are back using again by the afternoon? Here are three mindfulness tools that you can use right away, so that next time you make the decision to quit drugs you are able to follow through.

Last Dance – A Recovery Poem

One of our clients wrote a beautiful poem about her recovery journey - with her permission we publish it here to spread some HOPE. Watch the video and have the poem read to you or read it yourself in the section below the video.

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