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My Experience at Hope Rehab Thailand – Phil’s Story

Phil’s Experience at Hope Rehab Thailand

It Got Worse Before it Got Better

I attended Hope Rehab not long after it opened 2014. I was fortunate to be among a great bunch of people during my recovery from narcotics.

My relapse after 18 years clean from opiates proved to me that addiction is something that we as addicts live with day in and day out. My relapse was 100 times worse than my 20s and 30s -I was older, it was harder, and thought I would never get through it.

I couldn’t stop using? I was depressed suffered anxiety to the max and my life was unmanageable. With millions of dollars at my disposal I still came to a desperate position in my life where I couldn’t stop using.

Hope Rehab Bridge Garden

Hope Rehab Provided the Missing Spiritual Connection

Thankfully, a friend suggested to me that I go to Hope Rehab Thailand. I’ve spent many years going in and out of rehabs, but Hope gave me the missing spiritual connection. I needed this to overcome my addiction and to develop the awareness to STOP and live in the present moment with peace and contentment finally.

I will be clean 1 year on the 18th October thanks to the help of the AA and NA programs mixed in at HOPE.

Thank you again Simon Mott and Paul Garrigan and all the crew at Hope.

My Experience at Hope Rehab Thailand – Phil’s Story

Quote – If you’re going through HELL, don’t stop, just keep going