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Luke Richardson – Therapist and meditation coach

Luke Richardson – Therapist and meditation coach

Luke is a therapist and meditation facilitator from Sydney Australia

He spent his early career working as an Electronics Engineer. In 2005 after a period of darkness his study focused on Meditation and Personal Development.

Luke is certified in Neuro Linguists Programming, Meditation Facilitation and has a Diploma of Energetic Healing.

From 2009 onward Luke has been working one on one with clients all around the world to take charge of their lives, become conscious of their emotions and feel at peace with themselves.

Luke is a therapist and meditation facilitator from Sydney Australia.

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Luke’s body of work has developed through many years of study, personal practice, teaching classes of meditation and spiritual growth as well as running a clinic offering one on one session. In this time Luke has come to see that there is no division between the mind body and spirit. The thoughts we think affect the way that we feel and this plays a role in the way we move through life.

Your psychology stores in your biology. When heavy emotions and times of stress continue on for many years these can sit in the body and become forgotten. Meditation and present moment awareness are great tools to use to become conscious of the thoughts and emotions that make up the way that we feel.

In the early 2000’s Luke was largely involved in the personal development movement and the phrase “all of the tools and recourses you need to overcome your challenges are right there inside of you”.

It has taken many years to master this technique and its broad understanding. CBT is a tremendous example of how this process of discovering inner recourses is carried out.

Right there at anyone moment is a life affirming belief, a moment of happiness and understanding. These tremendous inner resources can be found just behind a thought or emotional response that doesn’t feel good. A response from the personality that feels a little down or less than positive is the very stone you must over turn on your adventure of discovery of those amazing inner resources.

With all of this in the tool kit, Luke brings great joy into his sessions as he knows that in any moment a new inner recourse will be revealed. He has come to firmly believe that life’s struggles are their greatest gifts for they focus intent towards reaching within to know more happiness love and joy.

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