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Everyone Can Change

by Nerissa Hoogmoed (Psychology Intern)

Nerissa, intern at Hope RehabEveryone can change

“I took a leap of faith, packed my bags and hopped on a plane”

To change was the only way forward and forward I went. I started a study named ‘Applied Psychology’ which is like ‘psychology’ but much more practical. In my third year I was fortunate enough to be allowed to do my internship abroad at Hope Rehab Centre Thailand. I took a leap of faith, packed my bags and hopped on a plane! I left my hometown for about half a year. This is by far the biggest decision I have made for myself and so far but the best one as well. I have learned so much, met so many lovely people and I have so many precious memories.

One moment in particular I remember crystal clear. Simon (the founder of Hope) threw me a goodbye-dinner which I am still very grateful for! We were all sitting together at a long table full of delicious food near by the sea with our feet in the sand. This is one of many precious memories and how I felt is nearly impossible to put into words. I spoke in front of everyone and I spoke from the hart. At one point I heard myself say: “I think the greatest lesson I have learnt while being here is: everyone can change!”

Some addicts came through the door at their lowest of low points, some addicts nearly gave up on life and some addicts were given up on… Can they still change? Some of us may have wondered…

Working at Hope Rehab opened my eyes in a way that no other experience could possibly have done. And I know for a fact now that the answer to this question is: ‘YES! There is no doubt in my mind.

“From the moment we set foot on this earth we start to grow”

I feel like change is inevitable. From the moment we set foot on this earth we start to grow. Human beings need to expand their minds, learn new things and change for the better. Isn’t it something we all aim for? But why is it so hard? Most of us are set in our ways. Habits, we call them. Better the devil you know? I don’t think so, I think we need to challenges ourselves to step out of our comfort zones. To not let fear rule us or be dominated by the urge to control. We want to grow and for that we have to change. But how?

Everyone can change by Nerissa Hoogmoed – Psychology Intern at Hope Rehab

“The secret to change is to focus all you energy not on fighting the old but on building the new” –Socrates

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