Episode 8 – Gossip, What’s the Harm?

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Episode 8 – Gossip, What’s the Harm?

By Paul Garrigan & Simon Mott

Topic At One Glance:

  • Paul Garrigan and Hope Founder Simon Mott talk about gossip and their own experiences with it – which include being on the receiving end of gossiping

  • What’s the difference between passing on information and gossiping?

  • The dangers and consequences of gossip in a recovery setting.

  • It’s human nature to feel the urge to gossip sometimes – and it can be used in a positive way…

Simon Mott, Founder of Hope Rehab ThailandIn this episode of the podcast, Hope Founder Simon Mott talks about gossip – Why do we gossip and what are the potential consequences of this type of communication? You can also read Simon’s article about gossip here ‘Let’s talk about gossip’.

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