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How Alcohol Makes Anxiety Much Worse

How Alcohol Makes Anxiety Much Worse

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By Paul G.

Using Alcohol to Treat Anxiety is Commonplace

In this article I will explain How Alcohol Makes Anxiety Much Worse. The idea of having a drink to ‘steady your nerves’ has probably been around for thousands of years. Alcohol can seem to lessen the symptoms of anxiety in the short-term, and so long as it is a coping strategy you only turn to on very rare occasions, it probably won’t lead to too many problems. The reality is though that alcohol is not an effective treatment for anxiety, and it if it becomes a habit, it is likely to make your symptoms significantly worse.

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8 Ways Alcohol Makes Anxiety Worse

Alcohol for Anxiety – a Case of the Remedy Being Worse Than the Problem

The short-term relief we can get from regularly drinking alcohol to treat anxiety may make it appear like a tempting solution, but it is a case of the remedy being worse than the problem we are using it to treat. If you do a cost-benefit analysis, it should be easy to see that any relief you are getting comes at far too heavy a price.

Better Alternatives Than Alcohol for Managing Anxiety

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