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5 Reasons to Come to Thailand for Treatment

5 Reasons to Come to Thailand for Treatment

by Lianne O’Donnell

5 Reasons to Come to Thailand for Treatment

“Thailand is a magical place…Our morning hikes can take us into woodland and up great hills, where from the top we can see the undulating beauty of local mountains and valleys.”

Koh Si Chang Hope Rehab Excursion

1. Perspective from a distance

In chaos of our using we can lose sight of all that is around us. Our environment can become a prison or a maze we are stuck in when in active addiction. It is the addiction that traps us. To be able to get away and give some physical and metaphorical space from our using environment we are able to evaluate what pressures we were under without being surrounded by them. Coming out of our using environment can also give some much needed respite to those that we love and who love us and have had the heartache of watching a loved one in the midst of their addiction.

The peaceful secluded serenity of our site here at Hope gives a well needed change of scene and a welcome place and some time for reflection and processing.

2. Vitamin D

The sunshine supplement. Vitamin D is absorbed into the body from diet but also from the sun’s rays, just twenty minutes of exposure a day can give our bodies the RDA it needs to function at optimum capacity.

In recent years there has been a lot of media attention to the benefits of Vitamin D has to our general health. This is based on much research into the many health benefits of Vitamin D. Recent laboratory studies are beginning to explore the supportive benefits of Vitamin D for addicts in recovery. One study explored the counter effect vitamin D had with aftercare from use of methamphetamine – speculating vitamin D could provide protection from the dopamine depleting effects of methamphetamine. This is based on evidence showing vitamin D may be involved in; “neurodevelopment and possible effect on dopaminergic pathways in the adult brain”.

In active alcoholism the immune system and cardiovascular system as well as vital organs are put under great stress when the body is alcohol dependant. Early recovery is an excellent time to absorb the benefits of vitamin D on numerous activities throughout our bodies, protecting organs, strengthening the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Vitamin D is in abundance in sunny Thailand. Doing treatment at Hope, your daily vitamin D quota would be reached by breakfast from a morning bike ride in the sunshine or just sitting with your morning coffee overlooking the sea from the platform of our main house.

3. Buddhist Principles

Thailand is the land of happiness and smiles. The national shared spiritual path is Buddhism. Buddhist principles have long been adopted by Westerners who have seen the Eastern way of acting and living in respect of collective consciousness, karma and meditation as an awakened and peaceful alternative to Western living.

At Hope rehab we offer some insight into Buddhist principles with a weekly optional class, this is followed by a Buddhist meditation, both with Alon.

4. Natural Beauty

Thailand is a magical place, here at Hope we are lucky to be in reach of so much of the beauty it has to offer. Our morning hikes can take us into woodland and up great hills, where from the top we can see the undulating beauty of local mountains and valleys. In the nearby by town of Sriracha a giant Buddha stands nobly with his palms facing the ocean, protecting the area as he looks over it. There is a view the vast ocean and a typical lush Thai island from the Hope site.

On Sunday’s we take advantage of our beautiful location and go an excursion over to the island for a peaceful day of beach, sea and rest.

5. Hope Rehab

Coming to Hope you benefit from an all-round recovery focused programme. The four pillar programme of 12 step recovery, mindfulness therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and wellness therapy makes us one of the best treatment centres in the world – we fully believe every aspect of this programme builds a successful recovery.

  • 12 step Therapy – The structure of a 12 step recovery can be taken advantage of in every corner of the globe, the tools you gain from 12 step and the power of the group doesn’t end when you get on your plane back home, you can walk into a meeting, get a sponsor and continue the good work you begin at Hope. We have onsite 12 step meetings and book readings as well as excursion off site to a local English speaking NA meeting.
  • Mindfulness – although a way of thinking in Thailand for centuries, the practice of mindfulness is in it’s infancy in Western society. Recent studies at Oxford University have championed the power of Mindfulness from a neuroscientific perspective – it’s power to combat depression and assist a well mind. Learning to live in the present moment without resistance or judgement – observing our thoughts and not letting them overwhelm us is a powerful life tool.
  • Meditation – the ability to sit with oneself and find peace can be somewhat of an alien concept outside of using. At hope we have a traditional Thai style meditation room and offer many variations. As well as the ability to sit with oneself, our programme also offers traditional and contemporary variations on meditation such as candle meditation and walking meditations.
  • Wellness – Numerous studies and the personal experience of many of the staff and clients here at Hope lend to the belief that exercise is a powerful tool when recovering from addiction as well as depression – which often comes hand in hand with addiction. We offer an all-round wellness programme of Personal training sessions, group exercise, yoga, bike rides, runs, hikes and trips to local Muay Thai training gyms.

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