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Liver Lover Livelihood Law

Addiction can be when our life is out of control and in chaos but we cannot stop and some cannot even see the gravity of the situation. We are literally powerless to do anything about our life threatening situation. The American Society for addiction medicine defines this as;

“The profound drive or craving to use substances underscores the compulsive or avolitional aspect of the disease.” ASAM

Powerlessness: Imagine for a moment trying to drive a car whilst someone else is sitting at the wheel; this is how powerlessness works.

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Addiction Exercise – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Here is a brief addiction exercise we do at Hope Rehab to breakdown how our addiction is effecting our lives , it is know as the 4 L’s

Liver: This represents our health both emotional and physical

Lover: This our relationships with friends and family

Livelihood: Our career or education, financial problems

Law: The trouble we get into everywhere

The principle of this addiction exercise is honesty; here we admit to examples of our addiction. We also accept and surrender to the idea that our way has not worked; this promotes Ego deflation. Surrender means moving over to the winning side. Only through self-assessment, using the headings below, can this process begin to work. These are our bottom lines.



Affecting health—both physical and mental

Causing ill feelings of guilt, depression, agony




Destroying relationships with loved ones

Lack of trust




Loss of employment

Difficulty in employment

Loss of wealth

Lack of meaningful occupation or education



Trouble with the police

Involvement in reckless activity

Living outside the law

Risking everything to get a fix/drink


Head counsellor Dylan Kerr

Addiction Exercise – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Addiction Exercise the 4 L’s

Many people who have addiction have seen the symptoms manifest in their lives. Addiction always impedes on one of the following four L’s: Using the four L’s, where have you paid the cost for your addiction?


Mentally – Impaired thinking. loss of memory

physically – illness, high risk behaviour

Relationships – hurting others, isolation

legally – criminal, dealing, drink drive

financially – debt, loss of income


This addiction exercise is very simple and will help clarify whether you have an alcohol or drug addiction issue, very quickly. If you do then do not hesitate to contact someone to get help, this include your Doctor, friends, family or Hope.

Addiction Exercise by Dylan Kerr