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Simon Mott
Hope Rehab Plane

Fly with Hope Rehab Thailand’s Historic DC3

Hope Rehab’s historic DC3 Airliner – Abandoned in Thailand 1975 after the airlift out of Saigon at end of Vietnam war. Our esteemed Landlord and Patron now a Thai diplomat served as the Director General of the Thai Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications for over 25 years.

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Hope – Ett Behandlinghem för Missbruk i Thailand

Hope – Ett Behandlinghem för Missbruk i Thailand Hope Rehab Thailand är ett prisvärd behandlingshem i en av de vackraste länder i världen. Hope ligger mindre än en timmes bilresa från Bangkok flygplats, så det är väldigt smidigt att ta sig hit och vi kommer att möta dig pa flygplatsen vid din ankomst.

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Verslavingskliniek in Thailand

Het beste wat ik ooit voor mijzelf gedaan heb is dat ik gestopt ben met het gebruiken van drank en drugs. Ik was een puber toen ik begon met het drinken van alcohol en het roken van sigaretten, en vrij snel erna volgde het roken van wiet.

Hope Rehab Community

My time at Hope Rehab by Simon P

An ex-client of Hope Rehab Thailand shares his experience of what it was like to go through treatment at this facility. Simon also explains why this rehab was different from the other treatment centers he had attended.

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Ice Addiction in Perth – My Story

What’s it like to develop a problem with methamphetamine in Perth, Australia? What’s it like to travel to Thailand to escape this problem. In this post, Jason attempts to answer these questions.

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A grateful recovering addict – Hope Rehab Thailand

Repeatedly failing to break free of addiction can lead us to a hopeless state. By this point, friends and family may be at a complete loss about how to help us. Worst of all, we begin to give up on ourselves. This is when we most need hope. Here is Alfie’s story of finding freedom after many failures to get clean.

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A Four Level Mindful Approach to Addiction Cravings

Each of the four levels of the Hope mindfulness programs provide tools for dealing with addiction cravings. The four levels are: resting in the body, heart practices, deepening concentration, and the development of insight.