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Doctor Stethoscope

What is Doctor Shopping?

What is doctor shopping? What lessons have we learned from Michael Jackson’s death? Who is to blame – the doctors or the patients who manipulate their physicians into prescribing more drugs?

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Dental treatment in Thailand is high-quality and affordable @rgerber/

Dental Treatment in Thailand

Dental Treatment in Thailand is not only high in quality but also affordable. Find out which types of dental work are offered in Thailand and 5 reasons why you should consider getting your teeth fixed there.

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DC3 Plane at Hope Rehab Thailand

Why Choose Hope Rehab?

Choosing the right rehab center will greatly increase your chances of an addiction-free life. Here are 50 awesome reasons why Hope might be the best choice for you + some common reasons our clients give, for choosing us:

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Group Meditation Hope Rehab Thailand

Holistic Rehab Center

A holistic rehab center provides addiction treatment for the unique needs of each individual person rather than just physical symptoms. This article explains what holistic treatment involves and which benefits it has:

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Honesty Stones Sand

Honesty in Recovery

Recovering addicts tend to take honesty to an extreme level. This blog post explores the ‘why’ behind that behaviour, the connection between dishonesty, denial and relapse and takes a look at the benefits of being honest – not only to others but first and foremost to yourself.

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