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Get your brain ready for a new beginning by ending your addiction


Spring cleaning is an ancient tradition where we mark the end of winter by preparing our homes for brighter days ahead. We can also give our brains a spring cleaning - that makes especially sense if you're struggling with an addiction problem.

Get your brain ready for a new beginning by ending your addiction2017-12-29T21:50:37+07:00

Addict’s Cycle of Change


This blog post introduces the addict's cycle of change and its 5 stages. It also explains what usually stands between you and change as well as how to set goals and reach them.

Addict’s Cycle of Change2018-05-11T07:17:58+07:00

Dental Treatment in Thailand


Dental Treatment in Thailand is not only high in quality but also affordable. Find out which types of dental work are offered in Thailand and 5 reasons why you should consider getting your teeth fixed there.

Dental Treatment in Thailand2017-12-28T21:14:09+07:00

What is Doctor Shopping?


What is Doctor Shopping? What is doctor shopping? Who is to blame for doctor shopping? Prescrition drug addicted clients tell [...]

What is Doctor Shopping?2017-12-28T17:00:58+07:00

Reflection Questions (Miracle Questions) – Exercise for Addicts


These reflection questions (Miracle Questions) for addicts are an exercise that will help you visualise your future without problems and help you achieve your goals. You'll focus on who you want to become and how you'll get there.

Reflection Questions (Miracle Questions) – Exercise for Addicts2017-12-22T03:30:33+07:00