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Geographical Change Addiction Escape Chris Hope Rehab

Escaping my addiction: Why just moving wasn’t the right move

Ever thought about or tried to move to another city/country/continent to escape your addiction? Recovery Coach Chris describes his many failed attempts to achieve sobriety by geographical changes, why it didn’t work out and what eventually helped him to break the vicious cycle.

Last Dance - Recovery Poem

Last Dance – A Recovery Poem

One of our clients wrote a beautiful poem about her recovery journey – with her permission we publish it here
to spread some HOPE. Watch the video and have the poem read to you or read it yourself in the section below the video.

Insomnia Sleep Problems Recovery Hope Rehab

Sleepless in Recovery: Insomnia and what really helps

Insomnia and addictions recovery go hand in hand. Having sleep problems is also a major risk factor for relapse. This blog post focuses on the definition, causes, symptoms as well as effective treatment for insomnia and techniques that will help you get a good night’s rest:

Gordon Patrick Boyce Addiction Complex

The Addiction Complex

Why do some people become addicts and others don’t? Former Hope counsellor Gordon Patrick Boyce, a recovering addict himself, explores this question and finds answers in Carl Jung’s “Complex Theory” which ultimately leads him to reflect on his own journey from a completely different perspective.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Hope Rehab

Unique Aspects of Prescription Drug Addiction

Abuse of prescription medication has increased dramatically since the 90ies. To treat this addiction successfully you must consider its unique aspects. This blog post explains what this could look like:

Hope Rehab Community

Ice Addiction Treatment in Australia vs. At Hope Rehab

Ice addiction is a huge problem in Australia, yet the treatment options there don’t seem to be the best – for several reasons. This blog post points out some of the major problems and offers an alternative that has a proven track record of success.