Alcohol Rehab Australia – What Are Your Options?

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Alcohol Rehab Australia – What Are Your Options?

by Hope Rehab Team

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Alcohol Rehab Australia are not easy to access: Finding Alcohol Rehab Australia is not simple things can get a bit confusing and frustrating when you start to assess alcohol rehab Australia options for yourself or a loved one. If you can afford to invest a lot of money, you will of course have more options, but even then, you may still struggle to find appropriate treatment in Australia.

Alcohol Rehab Australia – Is Inpatient Treatment Even Necessary?

Entering an inpatient addiction treatment center and Alcohol Rehab Australia is not usually something we are going to want to do unless there is a very good reason to. Even after we are able to admit that alcohol has become a problem, we can still be very resistant to the idea of an alcohol rehab program. You may even decide that this type of help is only necessary in the most serious cases and you don’t fall into this category.

“one of the symptoms of alcoholism is denial about the seriousness of the problem”

The most compelling reason for choosing alcohol rehab is it offers you the best chance of recovery from addiction. Even if you would consider yourself to be a ‘high-functioning’ problem drinker, it can still be the option to choose if you are serious about improving your life. It is also important to keep in mind that one of the symptoms of alcoholism is denial about the seriousness of the problem – this applies at Alcohol Rehab Australia even after we accept that there is a problem.

Evaluating Your Alcohol Rehab Australia Options

There are a number of Alcohol Rehab Australia that may be suitable for those of us trying to break free of alcohol abuse including:

• The Sanctuary – Byron Bay
• Visible Recovery (Adelaide)
• Fountainhead (Queensland)
• The Buttery (NSW)
• Mission Australia (NSW)

Other organisation that can help with problems related to alcoholism in Australia would include:

Alcoholics Anonymous Australia
DrinkWise Australia
Australian Drug Information Network

Hitting a Brick Wall While Looking for Alcohol Rehab Australia

Even though there are a number of alcohol rehabs in Australia, you may still struggle to find a suitable venue to begin your recovery. Private facilities such as The Sanctuary can be prohibitively expensive ($101,000 for 3 weeks of treatment), and government-funded rehab is only available for the most desperate. This can mean that even if you or your loved one is ready to quit alcohol, the resources might not be available locally to allow you to achieve this goal.

A Better Alternative to Alcohol Rehab Australia

If you are unable to get the help you need locally, it makes sense that you would look further afield for the help you need. In fact, this is what hundreds of Australians are already doing by coming to us at Hope Rehab Thailand –a phenomenon that was recently featured in the documentary series SBS Dateline.

“Hope Rehab Thailand provides affordable high-quality treatment”

Hope Rehab Thailand provides affordable high-quality treatment with a proven record of success. Our program includes a mix of evidence-based approaches including mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and 12-step work.

If you would like to find out more about our alternative to alcohol rehab Australia, please contact us right away.

Alcohol Rehab Australia by Simon

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