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Addiction Help in London

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Addiction Help in London by Hope Rehab

Addiction Help in London means in order for you or your loved one to have the best chance of breaking free of addiction, you are going to need to have access to the right resources. There are plenty of self-help options in London (e.g. 12 Step Meetings), and there are also useful services such as Action on Addiction, but when it comes to inpatient treatment, there is a serious lack of choice unless you can afford to pay a lot of money to go private (e.g. only a weekend assessment at PROMIS costs £2000).

Shortage of Addiction Help in London

The availability of rehab beds for Londoners fluctuates from month to month, but overall, the situation has been deteriorating due to a serious lack of funding. The number of inpatient rehab places fell by one quarter between 2008 and 2010 – , and a further 31 facilities across the UK closed in the last two years (as of February 2016). There are now many people who are desperate to escape addition, but the support is not available to help them achieve this goal.

In recent years, the UK government has launched Addiction Help in London and numerous initiatives (e.g. The Alcohol Strategy) in response to the escalating substance abuse crisis, yet at the same time they have created an environment in which rehabs are being forced to close their doors.

Going to rehab can offer you the best chance of breaking free of an alcohol or drug addiction. Even making small changes to our life can be difficult to sustain and overcoming a chemical dependency tends to be a huge undertaking. The problem isn’t just stopping – it is staying stopped. There are often underlying issues (e.g. emotional trauma) behind the substance abuse, and these issues to be dealt with in order for you to properly begin transforming your life. Arguably, the best place to deal with such issues is as part of an intensive inpatient rehab program.

Useful Addiction Resources in London

If you are looking for addiction help in London, there are some of the resources you might consider initially:

Alcoholics Anonymous UK
Narcotics Anonymous UK
UK SMART Recovery
Action on Addiction
Turning Point
Salvation Army Addiction Support

What Happens If You Unable to Find Addiction Help in London

For Addiction Help in London it may be necessary for you to look beyond London in order to find an appropriate solution to your addiction problem. One option we would like you to consider is to come to us here at Hope Rehab Thailand. Our facility has an international reputation. Many of the members of our team actually come from London including Simon Mott (founder) and Lianne (managing counsellor) – our mindfulness coach Paul Garrigan completed his nursing training at St Bartholomew’s in Smithfield and worked at the Royal London Hospital – so,it should feel like a home from home.

Travelling to Thailand for addiction treatment can actually work out much cheaper than a private rehab in London – this is even after you add in the cost of airfare and other expenses. If you are interested in this solution, just contact us right away to find out more

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Addiction Help in London – Hope Rehab Thailand

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