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Guide to Addiction Help in Vancouver

The Importance of Finding Appropriate Addiction Help in Vancouver

Addiction Help in Vancouver in needed as you do have a number of options if you are looking for addiction help in Vancouver. Self-help groups such as Narcotics Anonymous can be a good place to start, and there are also drop-in clinics that you can go to for advice.

If you have been abusing a substance for a long time, or you are a heavy user, you are likely going to benefit from some type of in-patient treatment program – it may even feel impossible for you to stop without this type of intensive addiction help. Going to rehab can offer you the best chance of recovery, but accessing this type of treatment is often easier said than done.

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Unless your situation is particularly dire, you are probably going to have to pay a private rehab – this can be expensive in Vancouver, but there are cheaper alternatives if you are prepared to seek help beyond Canada (see below).

Substance Abuse in Vancouver – A Problem for the Entire City

Downtown Eastside has the reputation for being the main area for substance abuse in Vancouver, but the problem is certainly not limited to this part of the city. The damage caused by drug use is certainly easier to witness in DTES, but when it comes to the problem of addiction in Vancouver, it is only the tip of the ice-berg.

It would also be a misunderstanding to claim the use of drugs such as heroin is mostly a problem among the underprivileged in the city – in fact, heroin abuse has risen significantly in recent years due to a new type of abuser coming from a relatively affluent background (these are often people who first become addicted to prescribed opiates).

The most commonly abused drug in Vancouver is undoubtedly alcohol – overall, Canadians drink 50 per cent above the global average for alcohol consumption. Binge drinking is considered socially acceptable here, especially among young people. Heavy drinking is heavily promoted through popular TV shows and the abundance of bars offering‘happy hour’ specials.

Addiction Help in Vancouver

• Three Bridges Community Health Centre – 1292 Hornby Street (addiction counselling for individuals, couples, and families)
• City of Vancouver – Mental Health and Addiction Services
• Plea Community Services (specifically for young people dealing with addiction problems)
• Alcoholics Anonymous Vancouver
• SMART Recovery
• Narcotics Anonymous Vancouver

Are You Unable to Find Appropriate Addiction Help in Vancouver? Come to Thailand

If you are finding it a struggle to break free of your addiction problem in Vancouver, we would like for you to think about coming to us at Hope Rehab Thailand. Our inpatient facility is highly affordable when compared to private facilities in the Canada (even after you add in the cost of flights and other expenses), and our program is recognized internationally – we have a good track record of getting results.

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You can find out more about what we have to offer you by browsing our website, or better yet, you can just get in touch with us for a no-obligation chat.

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