Rehab treatment for young people

Hope offers rehab treatment for young people. Teenagers and young adult’s brains are still in the process of development, so the chemical “hijacking” of the reward system may result in earlier and more serious problems. Also we say “Genetics is tendency- not destiny,” our family history can be a factor but not always. Also psychological factors such as’ trauma, stress, distorted ideas about life’s meaning, a damaged sense of self, and breakdown in family are acknowledged as being influences. Many experts believe that approx 60% of addicts are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction although an environmental factor is usually required to trigger the addiction. At Hope Rehab Centre we get you to explore all these factors in detail.

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Rehab treatment for young people – Hope Rehab Centre Thailand

Also difficulties like fitting in, lacking confidence, academic skills, dyslexia, or lack of direction, simply chronic boredom, or ADHD can be enough to make a young person reach for drugs or alcohol. Once they take the drug or drink, the discomfort is relieved. That relief is valuable, and so the drug or alcohol becomes valuable. This value is the only reason the person uses substance again and again. Peer pressure may come from friends or family or through advertising, television, movies, or music videos. When peer pressure combines with relief of the discomfort or problem, drug use becomes acceptable and even desirable. Re-socializing with positive role-models can be an important benefit of addiction and alcoholism treatment to reverse this.

Many young people experience pressure to achieve high grades and discover certain drugs enhance their ability to study and pass exams and this can be a trigger for addiction-performance enhancing substance use.

The link between ADHD & Addiction: Adolescents and adults with ADHD are at a significantly increased risk of developing a substance abuse problem and in fact there are many similarities between the two conditions.

Attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder is neurobehavioral condition characterized by difficulties of hyperactivity and impulsiveness or a combination of the two, and lack of focus which impairs ability to learn. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) Symptoms include:

  • Being easily distracted
  • Forgetting things
  • A lack of focus
  • Becoming bored with tasks
  • A struggle to follow instructions
  • Daydreaming
  • Becoming easily confused
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Rehab treatment for young people – Hope Rehab Centre Thailand

Hyperactive-impulsive type symptoms may include: talking excessively, being constantly in motion, blurting out inappropriate comments and showing emotions without restraint.

There is evidence that people with ADHD have a low arousal threshold and compensate for this with increased stimuli, which in turn results in disruption of attentional capacity and an increase in hyperactive behaviour. The reason for this is due to abnormalities in how the dopamine system in the central nervous system responds to stimuli.

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Rehab treatment for young people – Hope Rehab Centre Thailand

Rehab treatment for young people

Studies have shown that people with ADHD have different levels of ‘neurotransmitters’, such as dopamine and noradrenaline, both these are involved in executive functions. The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that’s believed to control ‘executive functions’. Activities controlled by executive function are: managing frustration, restraining outbursts, problem solving, memory recall, and focusing.

Dyslexia is also a brain condition that mainly affects language skills, comprehension or decoding, the word’s Greek roots means “language problems” It’s a problem with mastering information rather than low intellectual performance. Although it originates in the brain, it’s not a medical problem in the sense that a physician can cure it, much like addiction. Dyslexia is regarded as a learning difficulty and can cause many problems from being misunderstood and feeling stupid that can lead to severe frustration, low self esteem, dropping out of education and developing addiction.

Family involvement with addiction and alcoholism treatment is designed to support the recovery of the client by improving the family understanding of their situation. At Hope Rehab Centre we send out family feedback questionnaires. Al-Anon and families anonymous are 12 step family support groups we direct our client’s family members to. As we say “Addiction is a family illness” by this we mean it affects everyone in the family.

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Rehab treatment for young people – Hope Rehab Centre Thailand

The importance for rehab treatment for young people shouldn’t be underestimated. Though there can be a number of different reasons a young person can become an addict, the rehab treatment for young people at Hope teaches individuals how to effectively manage the triggers and dispute the core values about self and others that can lead us down the path of using. These life skills prevent relapse and make for a healthier, happier life without drugs or alcohol.

Rehab treatment for young people – Hope Rehab Centre Thailand By Simon Mott