A Typical Day at Hope Rehab Thailand

6.30am - The day begins with early morning exercise. You can choose either walking or running through the extensive parkland surrounding our estate, cycling in the beautiful early morning mist in the local countryside, or working out in our on-site gym with  weights, calisthenics and Thai boxing.  

7.30am - After all that exercise you’ll be ready to enjoy our healthy breakfast of local seasonal fruits, natural or fruit yogurts, muesli and other cereals, eggs and continental-style cuisine.

Some clients then enjoy a morning swim before the therapeutic day begins.

9am - 10am Our first group of the day begins with all clients 'checking in' with how they're feeling and if they have any particular issues or concerns arising from the previous 24 hours. This is a valuable daily exercise designed to bring all clients into the 'here and now' and increase awareness as to how and why current personal issues may be affecting them. It is a time when the clients get to know each other on a deeper level in a safe, facilitated environment. 

10.15am - After a short break, clients then have an opportunity to express gratitude for any positive feelings or events they've experienced in the last 24 hours, which helps affirm their evolving positive mindsets.

10.30am - 11am Then it’s half an hour of low-impact stretching, pilates, tai chi or yoga exercise with Alon.

11.30am - 12.30pm The next therapeutic group of the day is usually an assignment and presentation group, where clients share their personal assignments in order to gather strength, identification and evaluation from their group of peers and counsellors. This can be an incredibly powerful and empowering experience. It may often be the first time a client learns to share honestly with others about the full extent of their addiction. In addition to the clients' work, the counsellors will also present and explain topics including CBT tools, relapse prevention, co-dependency, assertiveness, etc.

1pm - Lunch is enjoyed by clients and counsellors alike around the Hope family dining tables and consists of a delicious and nutritious variety of freshly prepared foods, catering for all dietary needs and tastes.

2pm - 5pm Afternoons are made up of 1:1 structured therapy, personal training sessions which include personal Muay Thai lessons with a local trainer, 1:1 mindfulness coaching, a soothing Thai massage and recovery coaching outings to various locations in the surrounding area. These include trips to local temples, or perhaps an afternoon shopping at our nearby mall. There are also daily activities offered off-site; such as swimming trips, tennis, golf, nature walks.

6.30pm - As the daylight turns to darkness, the Hope rehab daily programme begins to wind down with meditation, mindfulness or an in-house meeting (either Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous) with visiting guest speakers. 

7.30pm - The ship's bell rings out at 7.30pm, signalling the end of another busy and fruitful day. And again, the wonderful Thai staff under the auspices of Alon provide a sumptuous selection of foods to satisfy even the hungriest amongst us. Again, we all eat together, and there is always laughter and chatter as we reminisce the events of the day and the opportunities for tomorrow.

There are many variations of our typical day:

On Tuesday evenings we head out to enjoy a local seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean. 

On Fridays at 6pm we walk around the beautiful Sriracha exercise park and then we all go to eat at our local Japanese restaurant.

On Saturday mornings we go over to a lovely tranquil spot next to the sea for an AA meeting and  lunch out. The afternoon is spent in a group leisure activity and then back to Hope for pizza and movie night. Saturday afternoon there is also the opportunity to go to a local football field to play against the Thai's, we have our own 'Team Hope' football kits and this is a highlight for many of our clients, whether they are playing or simply spectating.

Sunday is taken up with all-day excursions to various attractions or outward-bound activities.  We regularly go to Koh Sichang, a quaint island a short ferry ride away from Sriracha where there is a beautiful beach to relax and enjoy. 

Thailand has a lot to offer, and Hope Rehab understands this, thats why we offer daily bike rides and regular trips and excursions
Yoga and Thai Chi will be a part of your typical day at Hope Rehab and will aid in your recovery
A typical day at Hope Rehab includes all the healthy meals you need to start feeling good again
A typical day at Hope Rehab includes all the healthy meals you need to start feeling good again
The local markets in Thailand offer an opportunity to practise your sobriety in the real world
Hope uses Buddhist techniques, taught by an expert instructor to aid your recovery
Group Rehab is part of a typical day and a key part of your rehab program
Only at Hope Rehab can you experience true Thai culture during your stay

Some foto’s of a typical day at Hope