Recovery Coaching

What is Recovery/Sober Coaching?

Helping you quit alcohol or drugs is not going to be enough to ensure your lasting sobriety. Unless you feel able to cope day-to-day, you are going to keep on being pulled back to old maladaptive behaviours. This is why here at Hope Rehab we focus on providing a bridge to normal living. An important part of this is recovery coaching.

Staying in Rehab

"At Hope we have created a new treatment model, we call it “recovery-coaching” based on old style exposure therapy. I employ people in recovery to take clients out and about. They go to restaurants, shopping, college, sightseeing and other tasks. This prepares them better for a sober life after rehab. Instead of keeping them cocooned like traditional rehabs do. Sober-coaching, recovery-coaching, mentoring, call it what you want, it is one of the best way to learn anything but especially how to stay clean and sober. Life can be a minefield so getting some help finding a safe way through is wise choice – remember addiction is a life threatening disease" 

Staying in Rehab

Being in rehab means you are protected from a lot of temptation and stress. It is sort of like young children learning to ride a bicycle by using stabilisers in the beginning. A period of time in a treatment centre gives you the opportunity to develop the skills you need to succeed in sobriety. You start to use these tools in a controlled environment until you build your confidence.

One of the unique aspects of the treatment programme offered here at Hope Rehab is our emphasis on practising being sober in the real world. The transition from a treatment centre back to the home environment can be a real challenge, but our recovery coaching programme is designed to make this easier. It means that while you are still with us, you will get to practice your new skills outside of rehab. 

Hope Rehab Center has a unique recovery coaching program to help you stay sober outside of rehab
Hope Rehab has highly qualified staff to help you get the best from your recovery
Adding recovery coaching to your recovery toolkit will help you stay sober outside of rehab

What is Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is all about making you feel comfortable and confident as a sober person in the outside world. It involves trips beyond Hope Rehab in the company of therapists and support staff. These excursions can be as simple as going to the local shops, parks, or restaurants, or they may involve day-trips to tourist attractions. 

If you have been caught up in addiction for years, you may initially struggle with even simple interactions such as going to the bank or waiting in a queue. Recovery coaching is all about supporting you during these early encounters. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, there will be plenty of people around to support you. It also means you will be able to work with any issues that arise during these outings with your therapist back at rehab. 

Being out in the real world can mean having to deal with relapse triggers. These experiences, which cause you to think about using or drinking can be overwhelming if you are not used to dealing with them. Recovery coaching means you get used to dealing with these triggers without putting your sobriety at risk. It is all very well learning how to deal with these challenges, but recovery coaching gives you the practical experience of dealing with them. 

Weekends on the beach

Recovery coaching at Hope Rehab

We are particularly proud of our recovery coaching program here at Hope Rehab. Our clients appreciate these outings to local attractions (check out or excursion page to see some of the locations we visit), and these trips also serve to strengthen their sobriety. It means that when they return home, it won’t feel so unnatural to be back in the real world. 

If you would like to learn more about recovery coaching, or the rest of the program here at Hope Rehab, please drop us an email.