What is Mindfulness Coaching?

The Unique and Comprehensive Mindfulness Therapy Program Offered at Hope Rehab

The current popularity of mindfulness training means many rehabs around the world are now incorporating this approach into their program. In most cases, this will only involve the most basic introduction to mindfulness and perhaps some simple meditation techniques. Here at Hope Rehab, we provide a comprehensive mindfulness program that you will not find anywhere else. It includes:

  • Thai-style mindfulness training (the Mahasati ‘great mindfulness’ technique)
  • Other mindfulness practices including candle meditation, yoga, walking meditation, and tai-chi
  • Brahma Vihara training (training our minds to develop self-compassion and loving-kindness)
  • Classes on the theory and practical use of mindfulness (see below)
  • Weekly one-to-one mindfulness coaching sessions (see below)
  • Mindfulness journaling (see below)

The mindfulness program at Hope is led by Alon Kumsawad and Paul Garrigan



What is Mindfulness Coaching? - Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Mindfulness Coaching

One of the unique aspects of the Hope Rehab mindfulness program is we provide clients with one-to-one mindfulness coaching sessions. This is an opportunity for them to discuss any difficulties they may be having surrounding the practice and to receive guidance on the practical aspects of using mindfulness in recovery.

What a Mindfulness Coach Can’t Provide:

  • Therapy
  • Medical advice
  • Social work
  • A path to safe alcohol or drug use (you will not be taught how to drink or use drugs mindfully as this is not possible)
  • A quick fix
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Counselling

What Mindfulness Coach Can Provide:

  • Advice on using mindfulness in recovery
  • Guidance on developing a mindfulness practice
  • Advice on how mindfulness may help with specific personal problems
  • Warnings about the potential pitfalls on the mindfulness path
  • Encouragement and support
  • Mentoring – the sharing of knowledge and experience
Hope Rehab Thailand

What is Mindfulness Coaching? - Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Paul Garrigan is our mindfulness coach at Hope Rehab. Mindfulness has been a key component of his own recovery from addiction, so he can offer practical advice from the perspective of an advanced peer.

Mindfulness Classes

Our mindfulness class is where clients learn about the theory and practical aspects of using this approach. There are two classes per week. Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Mindfulness for addiction cravings
  • Escaping auto-pilot mode
  • Mindfulness relapse prevention
  • Mindfulness for anxiety and stress
  • Developing self-compassion
  • Mindful eating
  • Mindfulness for Depression
  • Mindful living
  • Mindfulness for anger (and other negative emotions)
  • Developing mindful relationships
  • Finding meaning (life purpose) in recovery using mindfulness
  • Obstacles to mindfulness
  • Mindfulness Journaling
Hope Rehab Meditation Room

What is Mindfulness Coaching? - Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Most of our clients will have no real problem appreciating the benefit of mindfulness, but they can struggle when it comes to applying this knowledge to their daily life. This is why mindfulness coaching can be a huge help. We also encourage clients to maintain a mindfulness journal during their stay. This only has to involve a few sentences each day, but it encourages them to think about the practice and how it can be used when dealing with real-life issues.

Mindfulness as Part of a Wider Approach to Recovery

Mindfulness is one of the four pillars of the Hope Rehab approach to recovery. We encourage clients to use it alongside CBT, 12-Step work, and wellness therapy. Mindfulness can be viewed as just one of the tools of recovery, and the more effective tools our clients have when they leave us, the higher their chances of success.