Rehab Treatment in Chiang Mai

I was in treatment at The Cabin in Chiang Mai in January 2013 where Simon was my counselor. I am a lawyer that practices in finance in Canada and the US, which can be very stressful. I was in a great deal of internal turmoil when I met Simon, not to mention denial. Simon helped me to see the level of my denial and how alcohol was affecting all aspects of my life and the underlying reasons, so that I could begin to heal, and helped create a plan for recovery. Alon was wonderful in showing me ways to still my mind through meditation in different forms such as sitting meditation and Tai Chi. Its taken some time and work, but I have been able to let go much of the fear in me and am happy and calm like never before. I would highly recommend the new rehab project of Simon and Alon for anyone that feels they may need help with substance abuse or depression.

I wish you luck and peace.

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