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Bali by Jos Dielis

Are You Searching for Addiction Treatment in Bali?

Getting appropriate help can make all the difference if you are trying to break free of an alcohol or drug problem. An inpatient program can offer the best chance of success because this type of intensive treatment provides the perfect environment for change as well as the resources you need to make this transformation easier.

It is important to understand that nowadays there are many different types of addiction treatment program –these different approaches to recovery exist because there is no single approach that works for everyone. Rehabs also differ when it comes to how clients are treated and the level of comfort offered. This is why it is vital you consider your options carefully – choosing the wrong type of facility could make it harder for you to succeed.

If you are looking for a rehab in Bali, you probably fall into one of the following categories:

• You are a Balinese national in need of addiction help
• You are an expat living in Bali who had developed a substance abuse problem
• You are someone who has spent time in Bali, and thinks it might be a good place to go for addiction treatment
• You are researching options for a loved one
• You have run out of options at home and you are now looking abroad for help

Dramatic Rise in the Number of People Travelling to Southeast Asia for Addiction Help

More of us from the west are choosing to go to rehab in Southeast Asia – e.g. the number of Australians choosing Thailand for rehab has doubled in recent years. It is easy to understand why so many of us are making this decision to travel abroad – we just can’t find the help we need at home. Going to rehab in Bali or Thailand can mean options not available at home, and it can also be a whole lot more affordable.

Addiction Help in Bali

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Hope Rehab Thailand as an Alternative to Bali

There are options in Bali, but we would also like you to consider coming to Hope Rehab Thailand. Our unique program is respected worldwide because we get results – one reason for this is that all of us on the team have a personal history of overcoming addiction, so it is more than a job for us. Our holistic approach at Hope includes:

A comprehensive mindfulness program not available anywhere else
• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• 12-step work
• Wellness therapy
• Group therapy
Recovery coaching

The program we offer at Hope is affordable – especially when compared to the cost of private treatment in places like Australia. You will be staying in a beautiful part of Thailand right beside the sea, and you will be sure to find the accommodation comfortable.

If you would like to find out more about what we can offer at Hope, please contact the team for more details.