Addiction Rehab for a Loved One Living in Thailand

Are you worried about a loved one who is staying in Thailand and has developed alcohol or drug problems? Are you trying to find help for this person from the other side of the world? Your first instinct may be to encourage this person to come home for addiction treatment, but it may actually make far more sense for this person to go to rehab in Thailand.

Some of the Best Rehabs in the World Are in Thailand

“Congratulations on Sriracha! I know the area.. it really is a lovely town. I wish you nothing but success as you build what I’m sure will be wonderful and healing facility. Thailand truly is a country of surprises!! Thank you for playing an instrumental role in my recovery. Though I may not have always been able to accept/recognize it at the time, I’ve come to realize that you helped me a great deal while I was in treatment, and you will always have my gratitude. Please give my loving regards to Alon. Warm Regards, Carole –Thailand”

People arrive in Thailand from all over the world seeking help for their addictions. These are individuals who realized that by coming here, they could benefit from high-quality treatment at a fraction of the cost they would pay at home. Here at Hope Rehab, it is also our reputation for getting results that attracts clients from countries such as the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

Addiction Rehab for a Loved One Living in Thailand is available and there are a number of reasons for why Thailand has become the number one location for international rehabs. The cost of living is much cheaper here than in most countries, and this makes it possible for us to deliver treatment at a lower cost. There are also many professionals who see working in Thailand as a dream opportunity, and this has made it possible for us to attract the best therapists from around the world. There is also far less bureaucracy around addiction treatment locally, and this gives our therapists extra time to focus on clients and more room to be innovative.

Should You Try to Convince Your Loved One to Leave Thailand?

The fact that your loved one has developed an addiction problem in Thailand may mean that you want them out of here as quickly as possible. Perhaps, you feel that it is living in Thailand that is the real problem. It is true that being in ‘holiday mode’ and far away from family and friends can greatly exacerbate addiction problems, but there will usually have been some underlying problem to begin with. It is this underlying issue that is the real driving force behind the addictive behaviour rather than living in Thailand.

Encouraging your loved one to return home for addiction treatment might not be the best way forward. A private western rehab can be prohibitively expensive, and if your country provides government funded rehab, you are likely to find there is a long waiting-list or little choice about where to go.

Why Choose Hope Rehab Thailand for Your Loved One

Here at Hope Rehab we are committed to providing individualised care with a focus on evidenced-based treatments. This means that on the first day your loved on arrives, he/she will be fully assessed and a treatment plan created based on this assessment. As well as plenty of group activities, there is also a named primary therapist who is responsible for each client. The treatments we offer at Hope include mindfulness therapy, wellness therapy, Cognitive-behavioural therapy, and 12-step therapy.

Thailand does have a reputation in the west for hedonistic behaviour, but it can actually be a wonderful place to begin the journey of addiction recovery. Hope Rehab is located in stunning and location on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Siam – we are situated in a peaceful residential area well away from the tourist towns where there can be so much temptation.

“Thailand is a wonderful place to recover and live, it is also a spiritual place. Living and working at Hope Rehab has given me a purpose that I am proud to be a part of. As a result our program is a marriage of eastern and western ways. Hope Rehab is what’s known as a ‘Life style business’ a business that we set up and run to sustain a recovery lifestyle for all involved. Back in 2013 I Decided not to wait any longer, the time is never perfectly right so I started Hope with 5 clients and Alon. We worked with what we had, and have been building ever since. Now we have one of the biggest and best treatment centres in the world. It is beyond our wildest dreams”


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