All included Treatment package

This page attempts to explain what is included for the currently reduced cost of Hope Rehab $7400 first month fees, as we have just built new rooms. We do offer a discount of for forward bookings of 4 weeks ahead. 

"Of course we cannot easily quantify and explain the magic that happens at Hope Rehab for most people seeking recovery"

The All inclusive package includes:

(only a small amount of spending money is suggested)

  1. Airport pick up by Team member
  2. Airport drop off by Team member
  3. Your own private en-suite room
  4. Exciting 7 acre facility with DC3 passenger plane and Tuk Tuk
  5. Highest ratio of therapeutic staff to clients
  6. Detox medication and support
  7. Full admission and intake procedure on arrival
  8. Hope T shirt/Hat/Boxing shorts
  9. Food: 3 excellent meals per day with lots of choice
  10. 4 cooks
  11. Unlimited soft drinks & Smoothies
  12. Hope bottled spring water
  13. Filter Coffee and Tea all day
  14. Electrolytes all day
  15. Twice Weekly Laundry
  16. 10 Domestic staff
  17. Daily House keeping and room clean
  18. Wifi on site
  19. Telephone kept in room
  20. Personal Therapist
  21. 2 x counseling sessions weekly
  22. Individual Mindfulness coaching
  23. Meditation classes
  24. Daily Group-work therapy program
  25. Cognitive behavioral Therapy
  26. Offsite group meetings
  27. Family Feedback Therapy
  28. 100 page workbook
  29. Mindfulness manual
  30. Meditation beads and compassion bear
  31. Optional Buddhist classes with Alon
  32. Aftercare Group membership
  33. Fitness program indoor Gym and outdoor Gym
  34. Mauy Thai Boxing trainer
  35. Yoga & Tai Chi & Pilates
  36. Table tennis tournaments
  37. Outward bound mountain bike rides
  38. 2 x Thai massager weekly
  39. Steam and Herbal Spa
  40. 4 Times a week we eat out at local Restaurants
  41. Fleet of 4x4 Toyota land cruisers
  42. Friday evening exercise park
  43. Beach Island Sunday excursions
  44. Temple visits
  45. Elephant Visits
  46. Supervised shopping trips
  47. Sober-coaching with your counselor out and about in the local area
  48. Escorted Immigration and boarder runs
  49. Discounts on second and third months
  50. Opportunity to volunteer