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The Pete Doherty Hope Initiative was the idea of Pete’s and Simon Mott, the founder of Hope Rehab. Their relationship started a few years ago when they met at another. Rehab in Thailand – Simon was Pete’s counselor and the formed a close relationship. So when Pete was again ready to address his addiction.



Pete Doherty Hope Initiative

“According to a statement provided to NME, Hope Rehab boss Simon Mott convinced Doherty to come to his centre outside Bangkok. Mott was previously a counsellor at rehab clinic that Doherty attended for a few weeks in 2012. The two men worked together until the singer was ejected due to disruptive behavior”

Hope said…

“Peter is not only a talented musician but a strong character who has a lot to offer,” Mott told NME. Doherty has been at Hope for about a month; he “does not suit typical treatment approaches – clinical environments limited by their setting and formality”, its spokesperson said. But now that the musician is on the road to recovery, “he has expressed a wish to use his influence” to support other addicts, and may even launch a trust “[to] fund treatment places”.

Pete Doherty Hope Initiative – Background statement

Hope Rehab has recently treated Peter Doherty and its Peter’s wish to help other addicts by raising funds and awareness through his musical activities. Peter also wishes to support Hope Rehab by promoting the service.

Hope Rehab is a 14 bed treatment center located outside a small town on the coast in Thailand. The founder, Simon Mott has worked in private Rehab facilities in Thailand for the past 5 years. The center provides a mainstream CBT / 12 step treatment program, with a strong emphasis on fitness and meditation.

  1. First course of action is to develop a policy of referral criteria and a treatment pathway. This includes selection, assessment, travel / treatment in Thailand and aftercare at home.
  2. Later to develop music therapy and build a small music room / studio for clients to share healthy interest, develop self-esteem, work in groups, have fun, and help each other learn new skills.

Pete Doherty Hope Initiative Selection Criteria.

  • Self-referral and strong interest in treatment.
  • High level of motivation and willingness.
  • General acceptance of addiction issue.
  • Must be associated and a member of musical union (TBD)
  • Subject to risk & clinical assessment.
  • English as a first language.
  • Suggested age limit is 22 to 55 years old.

Note: co-mobility (addiction with) personality disorder is accepted. However no one who has a severe mental illness diagnosis such as paranoid schizophrenia. Health needs are also a limiting factor e.g. lack of mobility, heart conditions and terminal illness (diabetes is accepted).

Funding And Costs (TBD)

  • Treatment – PDHI funded ($8000)
  • Flights and travel – self funded ($1000)
  • Visa – self funded ($40)
  • Pocket money – Self funded ($400)

Treatment Duration/Conditions.

  • One month minimum to three months maximum.
  • Treatment episodes can be extended with consent.
  • Clients are expected to engage in all treatment services and activities.
  • To sign and agree to standard facility rules.


Hope Rehab is set in a special and rich environment over looking the Port of Siam, outside Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.

Mott says “I think there is a difference between motivation and inspiration, we have designed our program to include many of the wonders Thailand has to offer visitors”

Pete is not only a talented musician but a strong character who has a lot to offer – He has expressed a wish to use his influence to help other struggling addicts. Together with Hope he wants to start a trust funding treatment places.


Pete Doherty Hope Initiative

It’s a huge shift from rock and roll wreckage – too wanting to help people.

Hope Rehab lives by the philosophy “You keep what you have by giving it away” he will celebrate 12  years clean himself next week. But concedes that first Pete Doherty needs to get recovery himself before helping others.

However having said that Pete understands the horrific struggles addicts go through and how hard it can be to get the right help, not simply more drugs that methadone programs offer.

The philosophy at Hope Rehab is “one addict can best understand and help another addict” so we welcome his offer to support our project.

Pete is not precious about going public, its far too late for that so he accepts that his name is associated with Addiction, and maybe it could be used in a positive context instead of titillation and gossip.

Something useful out of celebrity gossip could be a serious look at new innovative ideas on how to help addicts and keep the cost manageable. The Dutch government contract to Thai rehabs regularly, which has many benefits besides cost savings, an inspiring environment a long way from old triggers.

Pete told us his first thought when he settled down here was “that there are more people that could benefit from this place” – but the problem is they don’t have the means so if he could help in anyway he would “I want to talk a few people into giving recovery a chance like I am”

Pete says he had an initial bust of energy arriving at Hope, however was immediately “forced to look at himself “   “Drugs can turn you into a monster but this is a calm healing place far from that”

“In group someone asked me when are you going to start caring about yourself – that really breaks my heart, I am getting Goosebumps thinking about it”

Apart from Group therapy Pete has taken to Tai Chi and the Mindfulness program with hope’s co-founder and Simon’s partner Alon, which is helping him stay calm and focused.

Pete is moving forward emotionally, getting intouch spiritually. He has had a cognitive Shift – but what does that mean?

Using CBT our clients address their Negative thinking patterns that accompany addiction.

That means now the drugs have left his body, his drug fuelled thinking has subsided and he has starting to feel again.

The journey from the head to the heart can be the longest in treatment, learning to accept feelings and not numb them with substances is the first challenge for our clients.

Much of the solution to addiction can best be described as spiritual. The spiritual manifestations of addiction are the well recognized – Disconnection from the world, loss of interest in healthy activity, and isolation being but a few.

So finding a new meaning and purpose to life is important.

Pete has a big has a big Heart which has resulted in the “Pete Doherty Hope Initiative” – in the past his charismatic and generous nature has drawn a lot of people too him for the wrong reasons.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has already started to do good work but sadly Amy did not make this journey into recovery so I really Hope Pete does. He will be a great role model.

Hope Rehab Thailand will be one year old this month, established on my 11 year clean time birthday.

Why and how was Hope Rehab founded?

Together with my girlfriend, Alon Kumsawad, who its worth saying may not look it but is a Sub Lieutenant in Royal Thai Special forces, and has the best work ethic I have ever encounted. we decided to make our dream of owning our own Rehab.

Alon is a very traditional Thai girl who was brought up on a diet of rice and Buddhism, meditation and chanting. So she is the Mindfulness coach and Yoga trainer.

We wanted to create a new treatment model, what I call recovery-coaching or exposure therapy  I employ people in recovery to take clients out and about. They go to restaurants, shopping, sightseeing and so on. This prepares them better for a sober life, instead of keeping them cocooned like traditional rehabs do.

Hope reflects the attitude we have on behalf of all our clients until they have it for themselves. HOPE is important to instill in our clients from the beginning. HOPE is the seed of a positive belief system that will start to grow. Modern psychologists put a great emphasis on developing a positive belief system in order to make changes in life.

I wanted to get away from the needless Bureaucracy of the UK.

The first major challenge was finding a suitable location for our dream to come true.

It was by chance that I came across this amazing property on the coast over looking the great Port of Siam on the Gulf of Thailand.

We wanted to be near to Bangkok airport but on the coast at same time- So the small city of Sriracha is perfectly positioned for us.

The site of our facility belongs to Dr Sribhumi Sukhanetr, an interesting man, he served 25 years as head of the Transport ministry and now appointed Consul General to Monaco.

He is a philanthropist, and his wife runs the Thai Military Wives Association, so it excited them to play such an important role in helping to bring modern western addiction treatment practices to Thailand.

We are extremely grateful Have given us their family holiday residence by the sea that is a perfect location for rehabilitation, its more homely than institutions or even a resort.

Dr Sribhumi Sukhanetr was Educated in France and was awarded the Legion of Honor for all his important work over the years.


Pete Doherty Hope Initiative

Pete Doherty Hope Initiative