The Benefits of Attending Hope Rehab Thailand

  1. Bursting the Bubble: When using substances to change the way you feel or to detach from reality, it is like living in a bubble so the first thing to do at Hope Rehab is “Burst your bubble” and get away from familiar using environment into the new challenging healthy envronment.
  1. Brainworks: Hope Rehab is the fastest way to reclaim your hijacked brain, it is a neurological re-wiring by  the Hope program, and some call it “first aid of the brain”.
  1. Prevention: From the day you get to Hope rehab you stop the cycle of damage and prevent further harm to self and loved ones. Your automatic pilot and unconscious impulse to use is stopped. Hope Rehab is a Safe place to restore your sleep pattern, your psychological and physical health.
  1. Recovery University: Hope Rehabs intensive program is like an education course, we give you a comprehensive education in what addiction and recovery is, also the tools needed to keep you clean and healthy.
  1. Peeling of the Onion: The Therapy at Hope and the honest sharing about you is like removing layers of an onion slowly with the hidden part of self at the core. When you open-up it can trigger many tearful emotions like peeling an onion. A quick fix Detox will never be an answer as it’s like the using itself, a flight to health.

Benefits of Attending Rehab

Group room 1

Group room 1 The Benefits of Attending Hope Rehab Thailand

  1. The power of Hope's groups: We are not alone in this world so we learn from each other at Hope. Sharing is paradoxical; when you share part of yourself to stay well you help others at the same time. Relationships In our community help you learn how to maintain healthy boundaries with others and the world at large.
  1. Getting Structure in your Life: The most difficult part of change is that we tend to revert back to what we’ve always done. The familiar is seductive so changing habits is the toughest part of long-term change. So Hope Rehab is structured to be every bit as habit forming as addiction and introduces important self-discipline.
  1. Self-investment: Think about the cost of your using and lost opportunities against the cost of entering the Hope rehab program, also the bigger picture of your improved life.
  1. Positive withdrawal from society to evaluate yourself and your life. Research suggests that people sometimes achieve change and acceptance through “positive withdrawal” from old environments. Relocating to a new and different environment like Hope Rehab in Thailand can change your perspective by meeting new and interesting people from around the world with different ideals and cultures, the inspiration of new landscapes, which is often found by travelling to somewhere you have never been before.
  1. Personal transformation: The Cocoon metaphor represents a process of change and growth achieved by working an intensive and challenging program. A father and his son walk through the forest in late spring. They spot a butterfly struggling to break free from its cocoon. The boy asked his father to free the butterfly from its natural prison, so he takes out his knife and carefully opens the cocoon. Sadly the butterfly falls to the ground and lies there helplessly trying to flap its wings unable to fly.

Why? What they did not realized was, the butterfly’s struggle inside the cocoon to free itself was necessary for its survival and to strengthen its wings,

This is like the clients journey through the treatment process at Hope Rehab, in order to heal, learn, change and grow.


The Benefits of Attending Hope Rehab Thailand

The Benefits of Attending Hope Rehab Thailand By Simon