Nexus Psychology offering aftercare services Hope Rehab Thailand


Nexus Psychology After Program Care Services

Nexus Psychology is proud to be an affiliate partner offering after program care services to participants of the Hope Rehab Centre in Thailand.

At Nexus Psychology, we recognise that it takes time to effectively and comprehensively address a deep struggle. After extensive work and support at Hope Rehab, a person may feel anxious about returning home where the realities and demands of everyday life can appear overwhelming. The home environment may also have associations with situations or periods of fragility.

It can therefore be valuable to have access to ongoing support as part of the transition out of an intensive rehab program. Access to continuing psychotherapy helps to consolidate the sense of empowerment engendered during the rehab phase, and to maintain a positive change focus as well as the pursuit of positive personal goals. Ongoing therapy may also be important for delving deeper into issues that have been uncovered during rehab and that remain unresolved.

Our highly experienced psychologists are diverse in their styles and specialities , and are well equipped with a variety of approaches to work on a wide range of emotional issues. We work carefully to match each individual with a psychologist who is best suited and most specialised for the issues that are foremost priorities and that aim towards realistic and sustainable personal fulfilment.

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