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The Covent Garden Practice after care services

After working intensively on your problems at Hope Rehab Centre, returning home and to “normal life” can be particularly challenging – feeling the pressures of everyday life and not having the support of the staff and fellow clients at the Centre. It’s important to continue the work that took place during rehabilitation, implementing the changes in the home environment and continue the therapeutic work. Often, there will be new challenges along the way that need to be looked at and worked through. Many people find the continued support of talking therapies an important aspect of their recovery.

At the after care services at The Covent Garden Practice, we support the client in using what they have learnt at Hope Rehab upon returning home, and support in the emotional aspects of continuing the positive changes they begun during rehab.

We offer one to one counselling and psychotherapy, group work, and online support to clients. The transition from Hope Rehab Centre to our London practice can be seamless and arranged in advance. Along with professional accreditations we are affiliated with a number of insurance companies who may be able to cover some of the cost for our services.

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