“When I'm swimming, I'm in the moment fully, purely experiencing... I'm entirely, elementally myself.”
Jenny Landreth (Why I Love Swimming – The Guardian)

Having its own private pool, Hope Rehab can offer the very best facilities to our clients

How Swimming Strengthens Sobriety

Thailand has some of the best swimming beaches in the world, and this is one of the activities you can enjoy during your time at Hope Rehab - we have our own private swimming pool. Getting into the water here is like stepping into a warm bath, so it is wonderfully relaxing. Regular swimming is going to help you improve your physical fitness, and it is also going to help your body recover from the damage caused by substance abuse.

If you have been abusing alcohol or drugs for a long time, it is likely that your are in bad shape physically. The process of addiction causes damage to your organs, and leads to nutritional deficiencies. You may be so used to feeling ‘sick and tired’ that it feels normal, so you are likely to feel wonderful as your body returns to a healthier level of functioning.
Swimming is a particularly good form of exercise, because it allows you to build a good level of fitness without putting a lot of strain on your joints – for this reason, it is referred to as a low impact activity.

You are far less likely to develop injuries from swimming than you are from options like jogging or aerobics. The other nice thing about swimming is that it is easy to learn, and it is something you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

Swimming is not only good for your body, it is also has benefits for your mind too. It can be an excellent option for stress relief, and after a session in the pool, you are likely to feel energized. Going for a swim in the late afternoon or early evening should mean you find it easier to sleep at night.  You can even make swimming a type of meditation by focusing on your movements in the water and staying fully in the present. 

Gental physical exercise including swimming is all part of the treatment plan at Hope Rehab Center Thailand

“Swimming is widely recognised by health and fitness professionals as a nearly perfect activity for improving aerobic fitness, flexibility, body strength, muscle tone and coordination.”
Emmett Hines – Fitness Swimming

Some other benefits of swimming

  • It is a good option for weight control – you can burn around 500 calories by swimming at a moderate pace for an hour.
  • The fact that you are supported by water means you can exercise more without it feeling like you are putting in a lot of effort.
  • It is a good choice for improving cardiovascular health.
  • It reduces the risk for certain diseases such as diabetes.
  • It improves your mental functioning – it can also improve the symptoms of ‘fuzzy brain’ that people can experience due to post-acute withdrawal symptoms
Hope Rehab boasts its own private pool as well as nearby local beaches