Fitness and exercise program at Hope Rehab

How We View Fitness

At Hope Rehab we view fitness as a level of physical wellbeing where you are able to get the most out of life. An important part of rebuilding after addiction is to develop healthy habits in body and mind.

Yoga, Thai Chi and Pilates are amoungst the classes offered at Hope Rehab

Why Fitness?

"I always say, get up before your addiction does – at Hope we are up and exercising before breakfast. Not every action brings happiness - but there is definitely no happiness without some action, so little by little you will get stronger. Higher power is within, you never know what you are capable of, come to Hope and find out. Simon Mott"

What Is Fitness?

The word ‘fitness’ can be difficult to pin down because it is used so subjectively in everyday speech. Some people associate physical fitness with being able to climb a flight of stairs while for others it is the ability to run a marathon. The most common definition of fitness is that it is the ability to perform daily tasks without excessive fatigue, but even this description sounds a bit vague.  The way we view physical fitness here at Hope Rehab is as a level of physical wellness where you are able to get the most out of life. This doesn’t have to be about running marathons or becoming a gym-rat. It is about getting and keeping your body at least in a fit enough shape, so you can comfortably accomplish the tasks you need to do each day.

Fitness training

Every client gets fitness training sessions, you can choose what and where you do the session, it could be boxing, yoga, or in the gym. some people prefer to go for a cycle ride or for a run. Our fitness coaches are all in recovery so the session doubles as a sober-coaching session also. 

All our instructors are fully trained and each treatment program is individually tailored to work on your fitness needs

Easy Does It

We know clients can feel nervous when they first hear about our fitness program. You may be imagining a boot-camp experience where a personal trainer will be pushing you mercilessly until you break down in tears. We understand you may not have engaged in any type of exercise for years, so we prefer an ‘easy does it’ approach.

Addiction and Physical Wellbeing

Addiction will have negatively impacted your physical health as well as your mental well-being. In order for you to be strong enough to break free of alcohol or drugs, you need to get your body back into shape. Our exercise program here at Hope Rehab Thailand is going to restore your physical fitness, so you are better able to live life to the fullest.

Benefits of Exercise for People in Recovery 

Sobriety is all about developing a more positive relationship with yourself. Quitting alcohol or drugs is the first step in a process that leads to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled you. This transformation is going to be much easier if you are in good health, and this is why increasing your physical fitness is one of the priorities in rehab – it makes you stronger and better able to cope with the challenges of early recovery. One of the negative effects of addiction is getting used to feeling ill all the time – it is usually only after you started getting back in shape that you appreciate how bad you were feeling.

We offer a range of activities:

Fitness Programme


Exercise is effective for weight management and those who exercise regularly are less likely to suffer from depression. It can be a type of mindfulness practice and leads to improvements in mood.

Exercise helps the body heal following addiction. A healthy body means you can achieve more in life. It is a productive way to use the time that would have previously been spent engaging in substance abuse. It also makes it easier to sleep at night.   

Gym and Exercise Activities at Hope Rehab Thailand

  • Yoga -
  • Pilates -
  • Tai Chi -
  • Swimming -
  • Jogging -
  • Stretching -
  • Walking - 
  • Thai Boxing/Muay 

The Gym Programme at Hope Rehab Thailand

We offer individualised gym programmes so as to ensure that you follow the most appropriate path to restoring your health. We appreciate that you may not have engaged in any real exercise for years, and you may be in bad shape physically, and you can expect your programme to start-off at a gentle pace. The intensity of the exercise will only be increased when it is safe to do so.

You physical health will be assessed by our medical team before you begin. Our gym classes and other activities are designed to be fun as well as health-promoting. We want you to develop a passion for taking care of your body, because we know that this is going to strengthen your sobriety.


Yoga and Thai Chi will help you return to health gently at Hope Rehab Center

"Doing the hard work of exercising totally reversed my worldview. I went from a life that was headed toward one thing to a life of nearly infinite potential."
Mishka Shubaly (CNN - Replacing addiction with a healthy obsession)