Food for recovery – Food and Diet at Hope Rehab Treatment Center

Food for recovery - Food and Diet at Hope Rehab Treatment Center is delicious, healthy, home-cooked meals are served three times daily, with an emphasis on variety at each mealtime. Lunches and dinners provide at least 4 different types of meat and fish or seafood, together with a variety of salads, vegetables, and rice or pasta. The food and menu has been lovingly developed by Alon, and her team, with care and pride for our visitors to enjoy. 

It is important that all clients and staff respect and attend all mealtimes. Meals are considered a group activity always. All opportunities for social interaction greatly improve treatment outcomes. 

  • 7.30am - Breakfast served daily
  • ​Sundays - lie in and late breakfast 
  • 1pm - Lunch every day
  • 7.15pm - Dinner time 

Special diets can be catered for.

Hope employs local chefs to prepare delicious food with the freshest ingredients

Food and Diet at Hope Rehab Treatment Center


Food for recovery.....

"At Hope Rehab we take eating very seriously. Food is our body’s fuel, its sustenance and its medicine, it effects our mood however it should taste great too, and that’s where we have got it right. The emphasis is on fresh, tasty local produce cooked to perfection by our lovely kitchen tean. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in our open plan kitchens, so you can see your meal being prepared before it reaches the table. There many different food options at every meal, tasty salads, fruits, barbeque and many local dishes. We also make sure there is a balance of western dishes to. Simon Mott"

Hope is open year round to offer you support when you need it

All too often, clients will arrive at Hope rehab with vitamin, mineral and/or other nutritional deficiencies. As part of our holistic approach towards recovery we recognise and address this. 

Clients enjoy a wide variety of delicious, freshly-prepared meals.  With locally-sourced ingredients and all meals prepared on the premises from scratch, clients are assured that all their nutritional needs can be met.

All dietary requirements can be catered for, and we encourage you to let us know in advance so we can take the very best care of you.

Our kitchen staff

Hope Rehab is passionate about giving our clients the best quality food whilst providing employment for local Thai's

Our chefs

Hope rehab works hard to provide you with the best meals to aid recovery
Simon and Alon work with our Thai kitchen staff to ensure our clients have a balanced and healthy diet
We strive to provide you with a well balanced diet that helps put you on the right track for recovery
At Hope Rehab we are proud of our Thai kitchen team
Our staff can prepare the best of eastern and western food