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Difference between a Detox Facility and Rehab

A detox facility is a place you can go to where your withdrawal symptoms can be managed in a safe environment. There is also likely to be treatments and therapies available to minimize your discomfort during this time of transition. This type of supervised detox is particularly important if your withdrawals are likely to be severe.

A drug and alcohol rehab is an inpatient program that provides all you need to build a new life free of alcohol or drugs. The reality is that stopping alcohol or drugs isn’t the real challenge – it is staying stopped that is so hard for most of us. One way to differentiate detox from rehab would be say that the former helps you quit while the latter gives you the tools you need to stay quit.

A drug and alcohol detox rehab is a facility where you go through detox and begin your rehab program all under the same roof – this is what we offer here at Hope Rehab Thailand.

Detox Rehab Center – Do You Need to Go to One?

If you have developed a physical dependence on an addictive substance, you are likely to experience withdrawals if you try to quit. These symptoms occur because the body is no longer used to functioning without alcohol or drugs – so you need to go through a period of adjustment. Not only can withdrawals be pretty uncomfortable, but they can potentially be life-threatening (e.g. delirium tremens) if not handled properly. This is why entering some type of detox facility is a good idea at this stage of your recovery.


Drug and Alcohol Detox Rehab – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

Even if your withdrawal symptoms are likely to be mild, it can still be a good idea to choose a detox rehab center. This is because the time you are most likely to relapse is during this stage of physical and mental discomfort. Even mild symptoms can be hard to deal with when you know how easy it would be for you to escape them – i.e. by giving into cravings.

The right environment makes it so much easier to get through withdrawal symptoms. By staying in a detox rehab center, you will be surrounded by people who share your commitment to recovery. It also means that you will be protected from the usual stresses and triggers that drive you to pick up alcohol or drugs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Detox Facility

• Comfortable surroundings are important because otherwise you might be too distracted – here at Hope our accommodation is high quality and there are also plenty of facilities to keep your mind occupied
• It is usually cheaper to choose a rehab that offers a detox rather than choosing a separate detox and rehab program
• Remember that going through withdrawals is only half the battle – you also need to develop the resources that will allow you to build a life free of addiction and this is what rehab offers
• It is important that any detox you choose is familiar with your exact addiction – otherwise the treatments offered might not be suitable for you.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox Rehab – Hope Rehab Center Thailand

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